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    SpaceOreMiner 2.4 Patch Notes

    2010 - 11.16
    • Help button added to ingame screen
    • Black screen added to back of shop to make it more readable
    • Some lighting changes around the Limar
    • Moved mole spawning point to give players a chance to see the shop text and the funky recharge sphere
    • Left and right arrow keys now animate the mole correctly
    • Up arrow key now fires booster, rather than the key being pointless
    • Changed some of the colliders – tyronic crystal, gold, talpanite, easteregg, shop, octorite and omicronite colliders now more accurate
    • Fixed the sneaky play again exploit – sorry folks!
    • Added an explosion to the bombs
    • Made self destruct see much more final

    SpaceOreMiner 2.2 Patch Notes

    2010 - 11.11
    • Feedback release, feel free to comment on the new lighting – Crystal roids are way to bright at the moment, but keen to hear what people think of metal and active roids.

    SpaceOreMiner 2.1 Patch Notes

    2010 - 11.07
    • Fixed home location of APS – should now point at ore/recharge sphere correctly
    • Changed starting position of the mole – will start next to the ore/recharge station to help people figure out how to play πŸ™‚
    • Fixed RODS rockets to correctly sell the new ores

    SpaceOreMiner 2.0 Patch Notes

    2010 - 11.06
    • All new models – Many thanks to Mr Smive for producing some excellent game models.
    • 15 more ores introduced – now for a total of 30, some only spawn on certain roid types – but which ones?
    • Mole speed has been increased.
    • Focus Crystals have been introduced – can’t mine through a layer rock? upgrade your laser at the shop with a new focus crystal!
    • Moved shop/ore return point and altered the message slightly.
    • Ore is not destroyed when your inventory is full.
    • A hollow has been detected in this roid …
    • Spawning system overhauled.
    • Asteroid Positioning System can now be brought from the shop.
    • Zoomed out camera is now aware of your location, no going off the edges now!
    • Overground terrain doesn’t stop randomly at the edges anymore.
    • New leave roid option – tired of self destructing your moles?Β  now simple get toΒ  the surface of the roid and click on Leave Roid.
    • Altered the Limar tab screen and the log in screen to decrease the amount of info availible – you arn’t gonna know about an ore until you mine it! ( unless you just look at the website stats )
    • Non Static mole, no longer is the mole stuck facing the camera, it spins one way! it spins the other way!Β  see it’s side! see its other side! πŸ™‚
    • Bump Mapped terrain, see more detail underground with fully bumped mapped terrain.
    • Players now have profiles on the website.
    • Improved game logging devices – games which are submitted but lost should reduced dramatically – now certain checks are made to test to see if a game submitted successfully.

    SpaceOreMiner 1.13 Patch Notes

    2010 - 10.30
    • Fixed multi-submits ( hopefully ) so no mega massive scores from one game, if you see a game of yours logged multiple times, please let me know.
    • Fixed a small gap in the world where you could fall from.