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    30/07/10 - 15:25

    Hi, I’m LamentConfig ( or BeeBug_Nic ), and this is GreenSlimeGames.  Not much really to say in an about at the moment, pretty much everything can be covered by the wall o’ text first post :)

    Real work wise, I work an internet company, doing mostly php and postgres work for some huge sites.  Pretty much mostly research and development stuff, which I enjoy greatly.  Primary languages are php, c++ (  just used in my private time alas ).  Secondary ones I’d count as java, c#,  python and perl.

    Private coding interests include : A.I. ( have a degree in that), procedural generation ( which is just epically cool on so many levels ), doing interesting things within the browser, code optimization ( it’s somewhat of an addiction once I get started on speeding something up ).

    Feel free to check out my YouTube videos here :


    Also feel free to check out my twitter here :


    Feel free to follow/subscribe/comment :) any feed back would be great! :) Oh and for those old fashioned ones, feel free to send an email to :


    Just prove you are human and remove all the brackets :)

    And well, thats it for now :) enjoy the rest of the site!



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