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    Sigil : Patch Notes – 0.1.8

    2012 - 06.30
    •   Version number changed from version 1.0 #7dfps to version 0.1.8 alpha
    •   Added freeze turret
    •   Added unholy mother enemy
    •   Added damage effect
    •   Added online scoreboards
    •   Reduced mouse sensativity
    •   Tweaked AI
    •   Cleaned up some geometry
    •   Reduced damage of minigun turret
    •   Increased damage of basic turret, sniper turret
    •   Slight reduction in range of weakness turret
    •   Increased starting energy to 40
    •   Slightly increased energy pick-up range
    •   Moved from scene based level to dynamic level loading for the future
    •   Added freeze turret to tutorial window


    Webplayer page :

    Native Windows download :

    Native Mac download :

    Let me know what you think! Comment here, Tweet me or simply just share it with your friends!


    Sigil : New gameplay video

    2012 - 06.30

    I’ll be uploading the new build later today, last minute bug fixing 🙂


    Sigil : The Future

    2012 - 06.23

    After the crazy amount of feedback I’ve had on Sigil, I’ve decided to carry on with it. Totally loved the first person shooter tower mechanic, so now I need to do several things to turn it from a 7dfps entry into a fully-fledged game. Below is a list of random ideas I’ve had. Dependent on feedback, I may drop some – need to actually write a proper GDD quite soon.

    •     Code Refactor – as a 7 day game, I have to admit, the backend is in a bit of a mess. All the AI is currently derived from a base class, along with the turrets. However, the GUI and spawning systems are a bit of a mess. This needs cleaning up.
    •     MOAR Turrets – I have so many ideas for turrets – I’m going to create a load, see how they play for people, then probably trim them down to the most useful ones. Current turret ideas :
      •     Freeze Turret – does exactly what it sounds like, freezes enemies in place so your other turrets can decimate them.
      •     Electric Turret – Arcs between different enemies, gradually getting weaker.
      •     Energy Gathering Turret – Does no damage, but collects energy automatically within a set range.
      •     Bounce Turret – causes the enemies to bounce backwards in a random direction.
      •     Elemental Turret – four different turrets doing different amounts of damage to the enemy dependent on resists.
      •     Mortar Turret – Launches an AOE projectile.
      •     ‘Lazer’ Turret – Does damage to one enemy, keeping it the sole target while it damages it, damage increasing over time.
      •     Poison Turret – Applies a DOT to an enemy.
      •     Decloaker Turret – Makes invisible enemies visible while in range.
    •     MOAR Enemies
      •     Elemental variants – similar to currently spawned ones, but with resists to the elemental turrets mentioned above.
      •     Cloaked Enemies – Originally the transparent cube was meant to be a cloaked enemy, however, with time constraints I had to drop this idea.
      •     Reverse Vampire Enemies – They start with 1 health, then as they move towards your Life Sigil they gain more and more health.
      •     Flying Enemies – exactly what it sounds like, will really confuse the current turret AI 🙂
      •     Buff Enemies – Enemies that speed up or heal surrounding enemies.
      •     Teleporting Enemies – They appear in front of you and stay there for 5 seconds, before teleporting closer to your Life Sigil.
      •     Ninja Enemies – not quite ninjas, but will try and work out a route to your Life Sigil by avoiding as many of your turrets as possible.
    •     Configuration screen – music/sound/mouse sensitivity/misc game options.
    •     Levels – More than one level, a set way to complete a level, proper wave system etc;
    •     Game Modes – The current game will become survival, I want a story line one as well. Also would like a craft mode, where instead of you using energy to make turrets, you build them from fallen foes.
    •     Graphic/Level/Model Improvement – the current art style sucks, very much need to move to a cooler look.
    •     Turret Upgrades – Very much needed, as currently the only way to survive is just to spawn more and more turrets.
    •     Online scoreboards – Would be epic, hopefully will start the implementation of this today.
    •     General polish – improve the GUI, overview map, etc; etc;
    •     Add different difficulty modes – including an unlockable one on completion.
    •     More effects – unity can produce some amazing looking graphical effects, I need to harness this for overall sexiness.
    •     MOAR EASTEREGGS – Seems no one has discovered any easter eggs in the current game – but I want to add more, as I love them 🙂
    •     Better tutorial screen and menu screen, along with a decent game over screen.

    As you can see, that is a fairly long wishlist – no doubt there will be some things removed and other things added. I’ve got the freeze turret already in my test build, along with a new enemy type that spawns other enemies. Once they are balanced and working properly I will add a global high-score list, which should be fun 🙂 I’ll branch the game at this point, keeping the #7dfps entry separate and focus on creating and updating the new instance.

    If you haven’t played the game – why haven’t you? 🙂 http://www.greenslimegames.com/games/sigil <-- see it is big and red, you know you wanna click it! Mac and PC downloads are both available on that page as well. Let me know what you think, either comment here, tweet me ( @beebug_nic ) or feel free to email me ( lamentconfig AT greenslimegames DOT com ). Looking forward to reading your thoughts!


    #7dfps : Update 2

    2012 - 06.13

    All five turrets and health system complete. Now I need to get the level looking good and add a wave system. Hopefully will have enough time 🙂 Oh, and I have a name now : Sigil 😀


    #7dfps : Update 1

    2012 - 06.12

    My current unnamed 7 day first person shooter is coming along nicely. Not going to write too much about it yet, but I’ll just quickly link to two youtube videos I have made about it in the past couple of days. Let me know what you think 🙂

    Part 1 :

    Part 2 :

    Having so much fun with this project, I would have never normally touched a first person shooter, but have a ball with this. Very much think I will be continuing on it after the gamejam is over 🙂