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    The Tombs of Tutankhamen

    2013 - 01.30

    Introducing …. The Tombs of Tutankhamen


    This, as mentioned in my earlier post, is a remake of an old BBC Microcomputer game I spent far to long as a child playing. I’ve kept as loyal to the original as possible, but brought the movement, controls and scrolling up to what is the ‘norm’ these days. I’ve also added touch screen controls to it, so it is playable on mobile devices. Mobiles controls are not as nice as I want, but I want to re-visit them later and use on-screen buttons.

    It’s powered by the awesome HTML5 – using the very cool impact.js framework. Really enjoyed working with impact, but I’ll talk about that another day. I must admit, I was rather shocked at the speed of the main game loop when dealing with the canvas. Seems browsers are starting to get quite good at this graphical nonsense 🙂 Anyway, without further ado :

    How to Play The Tombs of Tutankhamen

    Story :
    You are Doctor Procman, who has found yourself trapped in the Tombs of Tutankhamen. After deciphering hieroglyphics over an ancient and dusty altar you discover the only way to escape is to collect the 16 crowns and find the exit. Unfortunately, five colour coded doors stand in your way. You must find the keys inside scattered around the tomb to unlock additional areas. To add to the stress, there are boulder traps which will stop you from turning around. Oh and did I mention there are huge giant green spiders that will kill you if you get too close? Yeah, thats right, giant green spiders.

    Controls :
    Arrow keys to move
    R to commit suicide ( in case you get stuck, or just bored with life )
    Mouse click to mute music and change volume

    Notes :
    This game is pretty hard. You won’t complete it on your first game, you will need to learn the rooms. The one-way traps in the original are all present in this version and boy do they hurt 🙂 ‘R’ is your friend there. The spiders move at different speeds, you will need to judge your runs very carefully. There are two easter eggs in the game, one of which may come back to haunt me 🙂 The map itself is made of 16 rooms, you may need to scribble down some routes on a bit of paper. Five coloured keys exist and when you pick them up, the matching door will vanish. You can gain access to the last door fairly simply, but it will not open until you have all 16 crowns.

    The game can be found here : http://www.greenslimegames.com/games/html5/tut/. You will need a modern browser to play it. If you find any bugs feel free to let me know! This is my entry to OneGameAMonth which I shall be talking about tomorrow 🙂 Oh, and my profile there is : http://www.onegameamonth.com/BeeBug_Nic feel free to leave some fan mail <3