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  •   SpaceOreMiner 2.4 Patch Notes

    16/11/10 - 20:02
    • Help button added to ingame screen
    • Black screen added to back of shop to make it more readable
    • Some lighting changes around the Limar
    • Moved mole spawning point to give players a chance to see the shop text and the funky recharge sphere
    • Left and right arrow keys now animate the mole correctly
    • Up arrow key now fires booster, rather than the key being pointless
    • Changed some of the colliders – tyronic crystal, gold, talpanite, easteregg, shop, octorite and omicronite colliders now more accurate
    • Fixed the sneaky play again exploit – sorry folks!
    • Added an explosion to the bombs
    • Made self destruct see much more final

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