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    19/12/10 - 13:53

    I’ve almost got a very cool new feature to put live – the Galactic News Network – or GNN for short ( name change very possible ).  Part of the future core features is to have a real economy.  I.e.  silver is needed a lot, therefore the price of silver ore goes up,  lots of new people join the game, the amount of copper mined shoots up, therefore the price is reduced.

    Now the GNN is a way of introducing events into this system.  Maybe someone comes back from a mining mission with nothing but a million tonnes of silver.  Maybe someone has some really bad luck and loses a  lot of moles on a mission.  Maybe a war breaks out.  All of these can be part of of a GNN news packet.  As these events happen, they will be record on the GNN website – and even cooler – a realtime alert will be sent to all logged in players.  To start with, all missions on conclusions will send a message to GNN, informing them of the result of the mission – and GNN will broadcast them all 🙂  Once I have a larger and more regular player base, only certain ones will be broadcast – noticeable events, great hauls, first mining missions for new players.  These events will be linked to player profiles as well.  Should be pretty sweet 🙂


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