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  •   Happy New Year!

    5/01/11 - 22:45

    First blog post of 2011 ! Yay !  Happy New Year to all you SpaceOreMiners out there.  Possibly the longest game played yet since the system started mapping properly :

    What a mine!

    A nice profitable run methinks 🙂  Whats quite sweet about this are the four squares toward the bottom on the left hand side, indicating bomb usage.  Also the the two vertical shafts running up from the furthest right bomb site could very well be RODS.  Nice to be able to see how a more developed mine looks.  Which brings me round to the heat map :


    As you can quite clearly see, the majority of games seem to stop before the focus crystal is needed to mine deeper – that is why you can see such a distinct line going across the map, which makes me think perhaps the focus crystals purpose is a bit mysterious.  As such I will be adding a message of some sort into the game explaining that to mine deeper you require a focus crystal.  All very interesting stuff 🙂  Hopefully normal transmissions will be continuing soon.  Have a good new year folks!


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