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  •   No releases for so long :(

    15/12/10 - 15:55

    Yup, I feel bad about it.  Alas a cold mixed with rl work end of year madness has resulted in a sudden decline in productivity on the game.  The good news is now I am on holiday till next year.   Which means a lot more coming soon 🙂  I’m thinking of actually doing another time based challenge to get the new parts of the game in place.  My internal wiki of development ideas and lore for the game has been growing steadily.  Once I *do* finally pick a name, I’ll make sure I can get it uploaded as to give more of a view of the game.  It’s pretty bleak 🙂

    Strangely, the blog has seen quite a large jump in traffic today, I can’t quite seem to work out why, nothing to major.  Will have to check the logs and see if I can find a reason.  This really is quite a pointless post.  But hell, it is my blog 🙂


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