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  •   LowRezJam – Report 8

    10/05/14 - 23:34

    The battle for the sands ...[This may take a while to download, but worth it]


    Today, I spent my time finding ways of killing harvesters. Only one has been completed so far.  Troopers damage now works correctly and can destroy a harvester!  yay 🙂 !  I’ve also updated the trooper AI a little bit, so they path around each other in a bit more of a sensible fashion.  The trooper bullets just originate from the middle of their sprites at the moment – once I have the trooper sprites finalized I actually want the bullets to come out of the end of their guns ( which are supposed to be some sort of shoulder mounted weapon – the sprites have so few pixels it is quite hard to tell ).

    I’ve also sped up the search algorithm for the harvesters, still a four second delay but internally its a much faster way of doing things, as I started to see some frame rate drop on my mass harvester tests.  This was mostly due to the reason I was running Age of Mythology – Extended Edition a lot of the time in the background.  Excellent game and hitting my nostalgia pleasure centers rather hard 🙂



    Though harvesters are not totally defenseless; as seen above they can now run over troopers.  Again, the spawning is a little off, as I’ve not finalized the trooper sprite, but it is rather satisfying to run over a large group of troopers as they shoot at you.  I’m wondering if I should be nice and give them some AI to run away if it is clear a harvester is going to hit them.  But then I remember it is far to much fun to run them all over 🙂









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