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  •   LowRezJam – Report 7

    9/05/14 - 21:45


    An ambush! scareh!  Well not really, as harvesters still don’t take damage.  Tonight has been spent mostly re-factoring some of the movement routines so they are not entity specific but are more generic in nature ( so all the entities can re-use the same movement codes).  So no real graphical progress to show, so I thought I’d add these guys in.  They seek harvesters around them, and move toward them.  When they are in range ( 15 pixels at the moment ) they open fire.  Not quite happy with the animation of them, I may change them to 2 frames of animation instead of 3, as the third frame tends to look a bit silly.  Projectile is also very much a work in progress.

    Trooper style sheet

    I’m sure I’ll get round to tweaking them at some point 🙂


    An army approaches!

    The troopers currently seek  harvesters over the entire game world, which isn’t as much of a process hit than I thought it would be, but that will be changing soon anway.  You’ll notice in the clips above the health bar is pretty borked at the moment.  Bullets causing damage to entities is WIP as well.  So the plans over the weekend are to finally start causing some damage to harvesters 🙂  Current loose ends at the moment that need work on are :

    • Fix health bar of harvester
    • Give the worm that hides in the sand an attack
    • Make the worm that lurks in the sand look more worm like
    • Have bullets cause damage
    • Have the harvester be able to defend itself against troopers ( any guesses how? )
    • Have harvesters explode




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