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  •   Trapped In A Box – Patchnotes 0.6

    15/05/12 - 18:27

    After some complaints about the difficulty, I’ve added a time dilation effect, and also expanded a bit on the story of the box. Some other fixes can be found below :

  • Time Dilation – press W to slow down time ( or rapidly speed up your perception of time )
  • Updated story
  • Fixed position of slime drops
  • Fixed size of slime drops
  • Removed white capsule
  • Changed drips from spheres to capsules – better collision detection
  • Slime looks more like slime now – still not happy with it
  • Fixed some typos, made keys easier to understand
  • Everything is still pretty much W.I.P.
  • Go to http://greenslimegames.com/games/trappedinabox to play it !


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