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  •   Current Progress : Is that a server side asteroid mine?

    23/11/10 - 22:50

    Quite a bit of coding on the next evolution of the game, including something which I think is pretty dang cool – storing your mine on the server 🙂  Nothing except proof of concept yet, but here is a little teaser :

    Check out the link ( i.e. right click it 🙂 ) – yup it is a php file, pulling the data from the database and using gdlib to display it 🙂  This is the state of my current test mine.  Thought the green and black gave quite a nice retro feel to the image 🙂  Will be very intresting once it is in game to generate heatmaps – always loved the heatmaps in halo 3 seeing where and how people play levels.


    2 Responses to “Current Progress : Is that a server side asteroid mine?”

    1. Inko says:

      Wow! This is ingenious, man! Thats’s the Update I was waiting for. Good job and keep it up.

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