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  •   A slight change of plans :)

    1/10/10 - 16:34

    Hey folks, just a quick blog about my schedule for tonight and tomorrow. I’ve got five hours to finish the game, by midnight on Saturday. I was planning to do an hour tonight, and then four on Saturday, but alas I have run into a small snag. This snag being uploading the videos to YouTube. The original codec I was using to record them resulted in around 40 meg files. However, with this new codec, they are averaging 140 meg. As my upload cap is tiny, this takes quite a while to get to YouTube, during which time I really can’t use my internet at all. Which definitely causes a lot of problems with my dev style 🙂

    So a change of plans to solve this problem. I will do two hours tonight, and do the remaining three tomorrow, spacing them out as widely as possible. Then Sunday is definitely retrospection day 🙂

    Wish me luck! 🙂


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