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  •   Hour 14 – Recharge me baby!

    30/09/10 - 19:17

    Every hour it starts to feel so much more like a game. I think next hour I will add the inventory and points system in. However, I digress, lets look at hour 14 šŸ™‚

    As mentioned yesterday, I’ve altered the spawning pattern of the ore, so they now appear in bands. I’ve been playing and tweaking with these settings, I think a large part of deciding on the ‘fun’ aspect of the game will be tweaking the amount of ore in game.

    After ore tweaking, I made a mega-uber-health-recharge-sphere thingy. Basically just a sphere with a quick gimp texture on it, turned into a trigger and when the mole collides with it, it instantly recharges the laser and the engine. Definitely an important game mechanic šŸ™‚

    Then I had to think how best to put this game object into context. I could have a docking bay on the Limar to provide this, but the problem is as I am dealing with 2.5D, I couldn’t pull off anything quickly which would make sense. I could have the Limar over the hole you go down, but that shattered the illusion of being underground – it just didn’t look right. So in the end I created a quick arm, which is attached to the front of the Limar, which drops down into the hole. I think it looks pretty dang cool šŸ™‚ I added a purple light inside the energy field, which causes some pretty cool shading effects on the giant Limar model.

    After accidentally creating a camera into the scene, inspiration struck me! Having a far off camera, and by switching to it with a key press gives an AWESOME view of the mining you are doing. I’m not sure if I will keep this in the final version of the game, depends if I can get it to work exactly how I want. Also undecided if I am going for the real view, or the bathed in green view. So many decisions šŸ™‚ Loyal blog visitors, I ask you for feedback on this issue šŸ™‚

    Really really excited about the next hour – once I have an inventory system, and a points system, I have almost all my criteria for a game – really didn’t think I would get this far so quickly! It’s awesome!Ā  Also, I have to add, getting twitter followers, and getting subscribers to my YouTube channel, is awesome cool and motivating, thanks very much guys.Ā  And for those that haven’t, please think about doing it – every extra one is another step to my world domination! or something hehe.

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    Time to make the video šŸ™‚ Will update this post once I have it.

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