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  •   Mine your step – dynamically generated heatmaps

    7/03/13 - 18:54

    With the massive amount of attention Mine your steps is getting, I thought I’d quickly throw together some ( ugly ) heatmaps of all the deaths. These are generated by php using gdlib to build the pictures. Click on them to get a bigger version. Hit refresh either on this page, or on the graphic, and it will update with the latest info 🙂

    Level 1 :

    Level 2:

    Level 3:

    Level 4:

    Level 5:

    Level 6:

    Level 7:

    Level 8:

    Level 9:

    Level 10:

    Level 11:

    Level 12:

    And to see all the heatmaps in one place – click here!


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