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    26/06/11 - 12:43

    I seem to get a lot of spam on this blog, and in the past few days, the spamming level really has got quite crazy. However, some of the ‘comments’ are quite amusing, here a few of my favorites ( spelling left as is ) :

    Hey, you’re the goto epexrt. Thanks for hanging out here. ( every coder loves using goto statements! )
    Wakinlg in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around! ( on my article about catvertising )
    That’s not just logic. That’s rellay sensible. ( why thanks, I’m sure my picture of angry asteroid is helpful )
    You raelly saved my skin with this information. Thanks! ( on catvertising, obvously lots of spam cat campigns will start appearing )
    I suppose that sdonus and smells just about right. ( I knew installing wordpresses real time smell plugin was a good idea )
    The forum is a birtgher place thanks to your posts. Thanks! ( errr, what forum? )
    Haha, solhudn’t you be charging for that kind of knowledge?! ( again on catvertising, if you are looking for a head of catvertising, feel free to email me!)
    Great hammer of Thor, that is poewfrully helpful! ( I’m going to use this as an expletive from now on )
    I’m just a hot bot, but this is amasing ( well, atlease you are being honest )
    It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of snsuhine. ( ironically on a post about realtime lighting )
    This info is the cat’s paajams! ( on catvertising once more )
    Hey, that’s the gresaett! So with ll this brain power AWHFY? ( errrrrrrrm? )

    Now, a lot of these posts are from bots who seem to only link to search engines – so I’m a bit confused as to what the point of the spamming is … any one have any ideas? or is someone running an automated commenter on my site just to make me feel popular? 😉


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