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    29/01/11 - 15:37

    Yesterday, I got a surprisingly clever bit of spam in my comment section.  So I thought I would blog about it just to help fellow bloggers realise about it.  The comment itself looked like this :

    Hi, I left you a DOFOLLOW backlink on my website. This isnt a spam message, i actually did leave you a backlink on my site. If you check the top of the page you will see “Sites we like” and there will be a link to this site. Would you be kind enough to leave me a backlink? If so my website is CENSORED please use the anchor text “CENSORED” for the link and add it to a post or as a widget. Then please send me a email at CENSORED@CENSORED – If you want me to change your links anchor text let me know. Thanks

    On clicking this link it took me to a page containing a “Sites we like” section, with the only link on it being mine, along with a browser based game under it.  Oh wow, I’m the only site they like, lucky me!  So, I decide to open the page in a different browser, because something didn’t feel right.  Lo and behold, there is an empty “Sites we like” section.

    Sneaky fecks.  Basically, when you follow a link, your browser sends a bit of information to the link saying what page sent you.  This is known as an http referrer.  So this person had a script that if it detected an http referrer, it would automatically construct a link back – to fall the visitor into think there is a link back.  Absolute rubbish when it comes to link exchange or SEO – it is a sneaky trick to try and get one way links.

    I’ve left the site details and things out of the above, but other than that the comment is word for word – so please feel free to check your own comments for back-handed comments similar to this.  If you do find a site that claims to link to yours – go visit it in a different browser, going directly to the page rather than heading back to it – this way if they have been super sneaky and used a cookie to store the originating site ( which would have been a simple thing to do, so no idea why the lame site didn’t do it ) then you will see that there is no back link.

    That is all for now folks 🙂


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