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    SpaceOreMiner 2.6 Patch Notes

    2010 - 11.21
    • Added some sounds 🙂

    SpaceOreMiner – the next evolution

    2010 - 11.18

    As I have been hinting at since I started this blog – SpaceOreMiner is a component of a much larger game.  And I am getting to the point where I need to think about starting to implement this much larger game.  The database back end is in place, I have a story, and a wiki with details about the SpaceOreMiner universe.  I have another chunk of models from Mr Smive to start implementing the features of the next step of SpaceOreMiner.  I have an extensive list of features and components, sectioned off into different versions.  I’ve found developing in this modular form, getting feedback and bug reports at each step has been amazing successful for me.

    Now, with this giant collection of resources I have – I have run into a problem.  A problem I can’t seem to get past.

    I can’t think of a name for the damn thing.

    Which is why I am blogging now.  I need a name.  Once I have a name, I can buy a domain name, and start transferring stuff across to it.  I’ve tried many different names, but for various reasons ( either already trademarked, something with a huge google presence or unavailable domain name ) I have not come across anything.  SpaceOreMiner really doesn’t sound right for the bigger project.  Which is why I need suggestions.

    I’ve played with some markov chain generators, trying to come up with unique words, but mostly this has been unsuccessful.  Recently, someone suggested combining a couple of latin words, to get something cool sounding.  I’ve created a Random Latin Generator – it simply pulls two words from a word list I found on google, and sticks them together.  It has come out with some quite cool sounding ones so far :

    absquelux – without light
    lucrumacerbus – profit dark
    novitasmatris – new(strange) mother
    adsumletum – assist destroy
    leussidus – plague star
    acerbusfilia – dark daughter
    niteonihilum  – glow nothing
    precoraetus – beg era
    sileometus – silent dread

    Note, this prolly isn’t real latin, I have no clue about latin other than I like the look of the words.  The generator sometimes comes up with really long words, what I am needing is something that is appropriate for a domain name.  Of course, it doesn’t need to come from generator – I am open to all suggestions.

    There are three main things I would like in a name  :

    1. A domain ( .com ) that is free so I can purchase it.  Hopefully short and easy to remember.
    2. A name which has little to no google presence.
    3. A name which I can use to help evoke the correct feeling of the game.

    Now, a little bit of back story of the bigger picture to help inspire you.  The game, of course, is set in space.  It is set a very bleak future, many light years away from Earth.  Mankind has no real connection with Earth any more.  All that is known about the Earth are second hand stories, something about a great enemy that caused Mankind to spend it’s last resources in the construction of four huge colony ships.  The Earth sent out these four ships in different directions, hoping that some day they would reach their destinations.  This is the story of a colony started by one of these ships.  Hundreds of years have past since the ship settled – the colony is thriving and expanding to other systems around it.  The player is a member of this colony, and has decided to start a business.

    The setting is very bleak and industrial.   No shiny spaceships, or multicoloured aliens.  No amazing teleporters or fantastical replicators.  No deus ex machina.  The only thing that really matters is money and the power it can give the player.

    Functionality wise ( and don’t want to spoil to much at the moment ) it is very much to become a browser based MMO.  The current SpaceOreMiner game will be a large component of it in it.  But there will be additional elements; Base building, crafting, refining, economy.  I don’t want to create a huge list of features, because it will turn most people off – every feature has been created with a modular mindset – future versions have these features grouped together in functional units.  So feel free to suggest some names, have a play with the generator, maybe it will inspire you 🙂  Either email me ( see about page ) or tweet me or simply just leave a comment here.


    SpaceOreMiner 2.5 Patch Notes

    2010 - 11.17
    • Kyrok won’t block the mining laser now
    • Small change to back end stats
    • Status text now vanishes when you go to shop

    SpaceOreMiner 2.4 Patch Notes

    2010 - 11.16
    • Help button added to ingame screen
    • Black screen added to back of shop to make it more readable
    • Some lighting changes around the Limar
    • Moved mole spawning point to give players a chance to see the shop text and the funky recharge sphere
    • Left and right arrow keys now animate the mole correctly
    • Up arrow key now fires booster, rather than the key being pointless
    • Changed some of the colliders – tyronic crystal, gold, talpanite, easteregg, shop, octorite and omicronite colliders now more accurate
    • Fixed the sneaky play again exploit – sorry folks!
    • Added an explosion to the bombs
    • Made self destruct see much more final

    Catvertising – it works!

    2010 - 11.14

    I just thought I would post a screenshot of my WordPress stats screen, proving that catvertising works!  The blog got a lot more traffic on the catvert day than it did actually on release day 🙂  I’m assuming that just because everyone was busy playing the game … hehe.

    Catvert Stats