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  •   Playing with lighting …

    9/11/10 - 18:18

    Not an epically long post as I’ve got a grand total of about 10 minutes dev time tonight 🙂  After receiving some suggestions for graphical improvement, I thought I would have a quick play with the lighting – nothing final at the moment, just having a play.  I’ve basically removed the global lighting, placed a local point light just under the mole, and turned back on the lighting on the far view cam, turning it’s intensity up to mental levels.  Quite like the sketch like effect it brings the far view cam, and the small local light really shows off the bump maps ( oh and I’ve reduced the stretch of the active roid texture, think it looks a lot better now )

    Active Roid

    Metal Roid

    Crystal roid - nice and shiny 🙂

    So bright it hurts my eyes

    Like I said, not sure if I am sticking with these, but thought I would get some feedback on them 🙂


    4 Responses to “Playing with lighting …”

    1. Inko says:

      I guess you know what I think about this 😉
      In my eyes a huge improvement! And the active roid texture looks now pretty damn good too. Though I’m not too sure about those red dots on the texture.
      Keep it up.

      • lamentconfig says:

        Hehe, yup it does look a lot better, seeing it moving makes it a lot better, I’ll do another release tonight with just the new lighting, just to get feedback from folks 🙂

    2. Noble Kale says:

      The uber-bright green zoom-out screen makes it too hard to see anything, sorry dude.

      The other changes are good though

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