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  •   The Lost Games …

    4/11/10 - 22:21

    Well, I was playing 1.13 earlier to relax and had a quite good game ( 200k ) go vanishing on me.  So I’ve spent quite a while tracing why the data wasn’t saving.  I’ve had a few bug reports, each of which could have been explained away by strange client conditions … However, this game submission failed completely – which was useful, it meant I had a live case to look into.

    Turns out the data wasn’t saving because at the time the data was being sent to my server, the database itself was actually down.  I’m using shared hosting, and therefore shared databases at the moment – but had NO idea at how strained mysql actually was.  I haven’t actually seen the database stay up for longer than an hour at the moment.  Looks like someone else using the server is hitting it hard.

    Ofcourse I sent a ticket in, and they suggested ( very rapid response about 5 mins or so ) creating a new database on a new database server and copying the data across.  So I did that 🙂  Think I have lucked out and found a database with an uptime of 19 days – not really major ( for work I normally measure db uptime in months/years ) – but a vast improvement on a database which gets rebooted every hour 🙂

    So hopefully the case of the lost games has been sorted – I am currently in the process of moving all the 1.13 stuff to the new database server – then tommorrow when I get some time I’ll change the script to reflect that – and that should be the end of that 🙂

    Ofcourse, if after this change you have a missing game, please let me know, I think I might start running some sort of monitoring on this new database to check to see if things are up and running.

    Ahhh, the dangers of shared hosting 🙂

    EDIT: Update, I’ve decided to move it across right now, so if you get a dropped game after this, please let me know!


    2 Responses to “The Lost Games …”

    1. Nic says:

      Hey Lament,

      Just played a game, you may well already know of this but I managed to get outside the map by going very high then out on the right side of the terrain (Where the terrain suddenly disappears). This also caused my laser to stop working.

      Yay for a stable server!

      • lamentconfig says:

        Hmmm thanks for that, I will check it out – I thought I had plugged that hole – will double check my bounding boxes 🙂 thanks! And yes the laser gets all confused if there is nothing for it to mine 🙂

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