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  •   Unity 3 – Support Joys!

    7/10/10 - 19:14


    Seriously wow.

    As mentioned before, I was having some problems getting SpaceOreMiner playing nicely with Unity 3.  I was considering downgrading just to continue development work.  I know I have been raving about unity in general on the blog and the youtube vids, but I thought I had found a niggle point.

    How wrong was I 🙂

    In my thread on the support forum, this morning, I had one of the team ask me to send him the project as I hadn’t included it with the bug report.  My bad :).  Less than 12 hours later, I get an email from the bug team saying that they had located the problem and that they would release a fix.  Awesome.

    The truly awesome thing?  They had removed the bugged asset from the game, and sent me a fixed version of my source, so I could continue to develop right away.

    I’ve just loaded it up in unity 3, and lo and behold, its working fine 😀  Considering the fact I am using the indie ( read free ) version of unity 3, I am SUPER impressed at this level of customer service.

    So to both Jonas and Alexey and whoever helped inside the unity team, you have my personal thanks 🙂 As I can’t reward with you monetary gains for just doing your jobs, I thought instead I would pay you with a picture of my cat, who is looking scary on top of my spare mattress :

    My cat thanking unity for sorting my issue 🙂

    Now time to play around with SpaceOreMiner and Unity 3 😀


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