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  •   Hour 16 – Ore! Ore! Ore! We want more ore!

    1/10/10 - 22:08

    Heh, well this was a very maniac hour, I spent most of the time in blender and gimp creating ore models.  Though I had initially been happy with only three ores, I figured now the inventory system was up and running, it was kinda boring with only three ores.  So I speed made another seven, to bring the total up to 10.  Now they are all pretty simple shapes, and all the UVs have just been render scripts in gimp, so sometimes they look a little funny, but I am pretty happy with what I have so far.  Giving that this hour was almost totally modeling time, I doubt I will be able to finish the other five ores ( as detailed the blog entry with my most favorite and funny title ever ), which is a shame, but I think it is realistic.

    All the ores have been added to the event system, so you can collect them.  Also cleared out your inventory correctly when the Mole reaches the Limar.  Tweaked the font a little for the status, quite happy with how it looks now.  Once again, I will upload a youtube, and hopefully it should magically appear in an hour or so after this post 🙂

    Well that is it for tonight folks, I hope you join me all for the exciting conclusion tomorrow, when ( in theory ) I will finish my first game 🙂

    Please feel free to leave any feedback/comments 🙂


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