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  •   Hour 11 – Presenting Uber Mining Laser and Gravity in Unity3d

    27/09/10 - 20:15

    Very, very pleased with this hour. I now have a very cool looking green laser, which illuminates the area around it with green light. Also I’ve modified the FPSWalker script to account for my unique type of gravity ( not down, but to one side ) and improved the mole movement a lot.

    The laser itself has four frames of animation, all set with the LineRenderer. Each frame of animation gradually increases the thickness of the beam, after it has reached frame 4, it reverses itself, which when played super fast, gives a really cool looking pulse effect. Pretty happy with that.

    The lighting effect of the beam was pretty simple to do – I’m just spawning a light prefab at the end of the laser, which lives for a couple of frames before killing itself.

    The other thing that I have played with is the movement, it feels much more natural now. I want to simulate the gravity a bit better, actually accelerating the mole as it falls, but as it stands I’m pretty happy as is. The upward movement is slow, which is intentional, at some point you will have some form of engine blowing fire out the bottom of the mole to make it look like a booster. I think that will look pretty cool 🙂

    I just noticed as I was coming to the end of an hour that Unity have released a new version – Unity3. They couldn’t have waited till Saturday, damn them! 🙂 I’m making such progress with this game as is, I shan’t be upgrading yet. Learning as I go in timed challenge is pretty tricky as is … re-learning a new version could seriously impede my progress. So I will wait till after the 19 hours, and maybe reward myself with the indie version of Unity3 if I actually have a game written.

    Well that is it for now folks, just going to record the YouTube vid and call it a night 🙂

    Edit :


    I noticed the mining laser didn’t show in its full glory, so have recorded a high speed version which I am just uploading now.

    Edit 2 :


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