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  •   Hours 1 – 5 : General thoughts on SpaceOreMiner, Blender and Unity3d

    26/09/10 - 10:11

    So now is the day after the five hours before 🙂 Looking back at it I think it went pretty well. Downloading Blender and installing it was pretty simple. I even had python pre-installed, so that went without a hitch.  I can see how amazingly powerful it is as a tool.  The draw back being an incredibly complicated UI.  Definitely need to spend some time with Blender in order to get better at it.  Quite pleased at how the models went, though initially I had wanted to get them all done in the first hour.  However, I think this was pretty unrealistic in retrospect.  Will totally need to spend some time on UV mapping the Limar and the Mole after the 19 hours, but so far quite please with the progress there.

    Downloading and installing Unity3d was even easier 🙂  It needs to be activated online where you have the choice of either picking a 30 day trail of the pro version, or an unlimited version of the indie version.  You need to give it an email address as well.  I’m glad I didn’t pick the pro version, I think being exposed to the uber version, then having to downgrade after it would be pretty sucky.  But each to their own, its nice that they have the option to trail it.

    Now about Unity itself.  I am loving it.  Everything seems really simple and really logical.  This is always good.  I haven’t had too much of a problem with the UI at all ( though navigating in the scene view window is a bit clumsy feeling at the moment, but I have a feeling that is my relative newness to it ).  So far, however, everything I’ve done has been pretty generic in nature.  I’m starting the meat of the coding today, will be interesting to see if the speed of progress continues once I am doing more specific things.

    The 19 hour challenge overall is definitely a very interesting way of developing.  Though I know I am mostly writing/recording/talking/tweeting to nothing but search spiders, I am finding it a great way of motivating myself.  However, taking a 5 minute break within every hour to write the blog post and record/upload a video is actually a bit of a nightmare – uploading a video to YouTube completely kills my home internet, and as I am alt+tabbing between unity3d and google, this is a bit of a hindrance to development 🙂  So from now on I will be doing the hour, then after the hour, making the videos and writing the blog entry.

    So there is  a brief overview of my thoughts on the first five hours.  I’m hoping to do another five hours today, but alas, I have some chores that need to be done first, so will have to come back and announce when they are starting later.

    tl:dr; Blender rocks, Unity3d rocks


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