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  •   Hour 1 : Models

    25/09/10 - 16:17

    Three models completed so far in blender – pretty simple ones : copper, silver and tyronic crystal.  Bit of a steep learning curve with blender, but managed to get there in the end, going to fall back to an old 3d modeler I used to use, and just import to Blender for the Limar and the Mole models.

    Hour 1 video has been created, and is currently taking its sweet time uploading to YouTube.  You can check out my channel to see, and will edit this post once it’s up.  The second hour I’m hoping to create the Mole and Limar and get all the models into Unity3d.

    Edit : The video :


    2 Responses to “Hour 1 : Models”

    1. spencer says:

      Could you send me the game with code for my learning?

      • lamentconfig says:

        Hi there! Thanks for the comment. The code as is pretty much a mess, as I was learning unity as I went along. I’m guessing there are a lot of better ways of doing things which aren’t quite as hacked together 🙂 Once I know a bit more about unity, and cleaned up the code a lot, will definitely think about releasing everything.

        However, if there is any thing you see in the game specifically that you want explaining, feel free to ask … more than happy to explain how I solved the problem!

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