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    Graphical Upgrade : Part 5

    2010 - 10.29

    A couple more bits o’ eye candy –

    RODS Rocket, inside unity

    Three new asteroid models


    SpaceOreMiner 1.11 Patch Notes

    2010 - 10.28
    • Changed the text of the about button to be slightly more descriptive (boring !)
    • Optimised some of the vein and cluster patterns (yawn!)
    • Added a 1 in 3 chance of a storagetank being spawns in the first 100M of rock ( hmmm storage tank? )
    • Created player cabins – only logged in users can access these, when you find an item, it will be displayed here ( jomg woot! )

    A small tease ;)

    2010 - 10.28

    Of the next patch. No amazing graphics from MrShive yet in the game, but, I wonder, what is this?

    Hmmmm ....


    Eye candy for anyone with a space mining fetish …

    2010 - 10.27

    Wow, the amazing MrSmive has got the Limar and Mole models inside unity.  I’m pretty blown away at the sheer speed and quality of his work.  Just a few pictures before I start rl work today to give you some eye candy 😀

    Limar holding Mole

    Limar holding Mole

    Limar - Final Skin

    Side by side concept vs finished


    SpaceOreMiner 1.10 Patch Notes

    2010 - 10.26
    • Added extra logging for certain events 😉
    • Fixed a bug that would stop the laser from working
    • Tweaked the TAB screen so it doesn’t collide with the GUI
    • Added capacitor and engine/reactor details to TAB screen, in case you forgot the last thing you brought 🙂
    • Fixed a spelling in the shop
    • Added a small chance of veins and clusters being spawned on a roid
    added extra logging
    fixed laser stop working
    tweaked gui on TAB screen so doesn’t go over interface
    Added cap and engine info to TAB screen
    Fixed spelling in shop
    Added some clustering and viens