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  •   LowRezJam – Report 14

    17/05/14 - 20:37

    GUI for harvesters

    Just a quick update for today, as rather busy with rl alas.  Harvester’s now have a gui when you right click them.  This was primarily because every time I accidentally right clicked ( and called a flying ship ) on accident on them ( when I was trying to move them ) –  I was getting annoyed.  So now a menu appears.  You will also notice you can fix harvesters.  The small black pixels on the animation are meant to represent the crew getting out and fixing it.  The amount fixed is random, but will have a set a cost ( it is free at the moment ).  More experienced crews will have a higher chance of fixing damage – there is a harvester upgrade system now in place, but it has no gui, so you will just have to wait for that 🙂

    Tiny people fixing the harvester

    Once the harvester experience system is in place, I think I’m going to move onto the hardest part … base building 🙂



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