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  •   LowRezJam – Report 12

    15/05/14 - 21:38

    [Lots of animated GIFs today, page may be slow to load]

    Yay! Minimap!


    So today I added a minimap 🙂  It shows harvesters, carrying ships and worms.  The world is huge compared to the viewport ( 1000×1000 vs 32×32 ) so I needed a way to navigate around it.  The minimap helps towards this.  The dark green represents where you are viewing in the world.  The blue are harvester; the cool thing about that is the harvesters flash between two different blues to show they are harvesting.  If they ain’t flashing you either need to call in a carrying ship, or move them to some orange to harvest.

    The map doesn’t consume the total screen on purpose … you can still move the camera around on it and see how you are moving, the one pixel hint helps in deciding location :).  Grey represents the giant carrying ship, it is now spawned at your base rather than near the harvester.  Now when you right click on the harvester –  it makes its way to the harvester, picking it up, taking it to base, getting some funds then returning it.  The flashing purple light is dropped to show where a harvester is picked up from :

    this isn't about dune, honest ;)

    After playing around with the minimap and moving around, I decided I needed a way to move faster.  Navigation is done with the arrow keys atm, holding shift moves you five pixels instead of one – which makes a huge speed increase :

    zoooooooooooom :)

    The rapid movement caused is by holding shift while moving arrow keys, slow movement is just arrow keys.  And that is about all for now.  Adding a minimap actually helped with debugging:  I noticed harvesters stopped harvesting when off screen, due to a miscalculation based upon location.  So this really helped with that.  That is all for now folks 🙂




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