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  •   Extending BannerMetaGame

    24/07/11 - 20:58

    As you can probably see, I’ve moved the BannerMetaGame into a more ad like position on the blog.  Hopefully it will get a bit more visibility – I’ll be adding it to additional pages on the site over the week, and have a plan to make it look a bit nicer than it’s current mishmash of colours and default gdlib font 🙂

    Now you can click on the banner and it will take you to a page that not only has global stats for the game, but also stats about your current ip.  You will notice than rather than linking to lots of different ips, instead a player name is generated.  These are unique for every possible ip and means that your ip won’t be spidered when visiting the site 🙂

    I’ve got a long list of items I want to add to it, along with actually getting some item images on the banner, will make it somewhat more interesting methinks.  The current ‘rareness’ system doesn’t seem to be working to well either, so I’ll need to look into that as well.  But quite happy with the way it is going – it would be really nice to implement on a community site to see how it effects things – I’ve already noticed an increase in page requests on certain pages of the blog ( mostly from what I can tell, people spamming the F5 key ( which won’t work btw 😛 )).

    I’m also debating adding some javascript to the banner itself with live feed info – i.e. it telling you that visitor Tovyuyea has just found an EPIC cup of tea.  That could be quite cool.

    As with most of my stat related pages – the actual page has a lot of info but is as ugly as hell.  I’m sure I will get round to updating it to something a bit better looking once I get some time.  I tend to be a lot more interested in the back-end stuff than making a pretty front-end.  I really should stop that, I think it is a pretty bad habit as most people judge by looks alas.

    As ever, feel free to comment and let me know what you think.  I always love getting comments, makes me feel special 🙂


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