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    2/06/11 - 20:04


    Terraria - My humble Home

    Terraria - My humble Home

    Time. Installing this indie platformer sandbox game onto you hard drive is much like installing a black-hole in your machine, with none of the nasty matter sucking, just time vanishing into it’s retro looking event horizon.  Hmmm, methinks that perhaps that opening sentence sounded better in my head.

    Brought via steam, I must admit, I didn’t get Terraria at first.  After spending a good ten minutes working out the difference between the hammer/axe/pick I constructed my first little shack for the Guide – an npc that starts in the world with you which seems to garner a lot of hatred from the Terraria community.  Well, I thought to myself, that was kinda boring, lets see what else there is to do.

    Six hours later and I look up at the clock and see that a LOT of time has passed as I smash my first dark orb.  This game is very, very good at sucking you in.  Rather than the Minecraft just one more cube mentality, for me it was the next crafting recipe which had me hooked.  I had the wiki open in the background, and was constantly alt+tabbing to see where I needed to go, what I needed to hunt etc;

    I haven’t tried multiplayer yet, due to actually needing time to work with Project: Cards, however, even with just single player, my steam stats are currently look like this :

    Terraria Playtime

    Oh dear, so much time :S

    And with all that time played, I have two islands, full of NPC’s in epic looking tower constructions, several bosses down and out, full molten gear and a light saber I refuse to upgrade due to being able to pretend I am in Star Wars.  And I still haven’t defeated one boss, and therefore still have dungeons to explore.  Awesome.

    So how did this happen?

    I think the beauty of discovery is something which Terraria does very well and it very much draws you in.  I had no idea that there were floating islands, until randomly climbing up  a hill I saw a single vine tile hanging from the sky.  Thinking it was a bug, I built a tower up to investigate, only to find an entire island, suspended in the sky with a golden house glinting in the sunlight.  Awesome.  The next few hours were spent building various sky bridges, and discovering yet more floating islands.

    Something else that Terraria  excels at is the feeling of a living world – something Minecraft does with growing trees, but Terraria does with EVERYTHING.  Mushrooms grow, vines grow, creepy corruption grows, glowing fungus grows, meteorites smash into the ground – the world itself feels very dynamic.  The NPCs even add to this, arriving when certain goals are met and even dying when I summon the boss in the wrong place ( ooops! ).  The pretty beautiful day/night transitions and a constantly changing phase of moon also contribute to this feeling.

    I really love the dynamic feeling of the environment, and lets talk about the environment – it is pretty dang epic.  There are multiple biomes for you to explore, both above and below ground.  The underground biomes themselves are found through spelunking – going down preexisting tunnels and then adding some of your own.  As you dig down, you will find gems, monsters, water and lava ( which both are effected by physics ), chests and pots – not to mention a hell of a lot more.  The pots are an interesting thing, digging down into a vine and cobweb filled cavern, and seeing ancient looking pots sitting around gives you the impression that you aren’t the first to the island.  It is this element of exploring I really love.  Once again, similar to Minecraft, there is no story.  You are just here, invent a story to why you are here and to explain whats happening, it makes things even cooler imho 🙂

    Now the crafting, possibly the most dangerous thing when it comes to time sucking – the crafting tree is pretty huge.  Pre-requisites require you to craft near an object ( crafting table, hellforge, anvil etc; ) but aside from that all you need are the components.  No leveling up a crafting skill by producing thousands of pointless items that you are just going to sell to an NPC anyway.  When you have all the items you need to craft, and are standing in the right position, the recipe simply pops up in the GUI with the components needed and a description of the object.  Simple 🙂


    You were slain ...

    You were slain ...

    You can craft armor sets fairly easily at first, when you stumble upon enough ore – each armour set consists of a helmet, a chest and trousers – and you get set bonuses for wearing all matching armour.  Later game armours consist of more exotic materials – ore mined from hell, ore dropped from boss monsters.  As the armour gets stronger, strange and rather cool character effects start to happen – a full set of armour giving you a spooky shadow image, or molten lava dropping from you with every step.

    This brings me to the bosses.  There are three I’ve encountered so far – I won’t say to much for fear of spoilers, but when a boss appears – you know about it.  The music changes to a retro chip tune of boss epicness – followed ( usually for me ) by an arse kicking.  The bosses are spot on, and even once you get the hang of killing them, they still cause an acceleration of your heartbeat in excitement – the encounters are fun as well as ( often ) deadly.




    I could literally type another thousand words on Terraria – seldom does a game make me rave enough to want to talk about it, yet alone type up a review.  I know a lot of people are calling it a 2d Minecraft, but really, it is so much more than that.  It does have a similar feel to Minecraft, but rather than the ‘look at the cool stuff I can build vibe’ it has a ‘look at all this very unique content to explore’.  Even though it is still very early in the games lifecycle – it does feel very well polished, and with a promise of a lot more to come content wise, I can only hope to imagine what the next few months bring us.  Interested in buying it? Click here for the steam page!


    76 Responses to “Terraria sucks”

    1. Tomato says:

      Very spot on really, this game truly is a masterpiece waiting to happen, and when the fanbases calm down, perhaps Re-Logic and Mojang will have a fun, competitive relationship.

      *cough* crossover *cough*

      • lamentconfig says:

        oh now that is a very awesome idea 🙂 I’d love to see the corruption in Minecraft 😀 The two fanbases are very at odds – it seems strange that two similar but different games cause such angst in the opposite fanbase … ah well I guess it is the mystery of the internet … thanks for the comment btw 🙂

        • Guy says:

          There are mods, if you enjoy the magic part and the corruption part of terraria and want it in minecraft, I’d recommend Thaumcraft

    2. Chad says:

      Good review I just started playing terraria and am enjoying it alot. I just thought id comment since you took the time to write this review. Good work and take care 🙂

    3. keEinn says:

      i hated this game. i played it for an hour or so, and it was complete garbage. i dont like saying such negative things, but i really didnt enjoy this game at all. it seems like a minecraft wannabe.

      buy Minecraft instead.

    4. Shane says:

      im going to have to agree with keEinn. i am a huge fan of minecraft. and trust me ive tried terraria. its not that its a horrible game it just didnt hold the same magic that minecraft did. it just didnt feel right. but good review anyway.

    5. CraftGamesUp says:

      And what does minecrat has and terraria doesnt,carts,and animals,nothing more,there is no uniqe items in minecraft,ther eis no corruptions,magic or anything like ti in minecraft..
      ther eis no any bosses in minecraft (Ghast is not a boss),the water and lava psyhics in minecraft are one hell of a mess….terraria isnt like minecraft,no,its 10000 times different,the only things that makes you think terraria is similiar to mine craft is,mining,crafting,random world generation,nothing else,nothing else..annd…oh yea,nothing else.Terraria has,dungeons,floating islands,over 50 monsters,underground jungles…meteorite falling,uniqe weapons and accesories..minecraft doesnt have that,no magic in minecraft,magic is in terraria,that is what i think,minecraft can only be better cuz it is 3 d,but dimension of graphics arent the point here so…/Bye.

      • BadassGamer says:

        Listen, terraria is a total spoof of minecraft. yes, it has some variations, however the base of the game is a ripoff. 90% of the poeple I know can’t see that, but that’s because they haven’t compared the games. Yes, terraria DOES have different monsters and magic and bosses, but altogether it’s a ripoff. the mind, body, and soul of minecraft comes from the indie crafting idea. Terraria is an okay game in my opinion, however I dislike it because it’s a spoof of minecraft in the basics. In addition to that, this was made by a highly trained team of people. Minecraft was made by an amature swedish man named Notch, Notch did it all on his own, NOdevelopment team WHATSOEVER, but now he has a small team and works with Mojang. Minecraft was made by one man, terraria wasn’t. So play minecraft, and compare it to minecraft you idiots. And check the publish dates! Terraria came out JUST THIS YEAR! MINECRAFT came out in 2009!

        • gameboy17 says:

          Compare the games? Ok lets see. Both games have miing building and crafting. Minecraft has creepers that blow up your house and u lose everything when u die. Terraria has bosses magic npcs bunnies corruption floating islands potions and ROCKET BOOTS!!!

          • The one who Plays CS:GO says:

            Shut up and listen this
            Terraria Large World: 8400 blocks wide, 2400 blocks
            high. Total block space: 20160000
            Minecraft: 60000000 blocks wide, 60000000 long, 256
            blocks high. Total blocks space: 9.216e+17
            (921600000000000000) Minecraft Wins This one
            minecraft: 1 Terraria: 0

            Terraria: 24 boimes. (inculding all Layers) (4
            Minecraft: 22 boimes.(Inculding Sky)
            Terraria Wins This One
            minecraft: 1 Terraria: 1

            Minecraft: 47 mobs (including player,and all
            colours of sheep).
            Terraria: 93 mobs (including player, all Slimes,
            all Skeletons, each twin)
            Terraria Wins That One
            Minecraft: 1 Terraria: 2

            Minecraft: 72 (including Splash potions)
            Terraria: 26
            Minecraft Wins This One
            Minecraft: 2 Terraria: 2

            Armor fullset:
            Minecraft: 19 (including all Leather colored armor)
            Terraria: 21 (including all sets for hallowed,
            Adamantite, Mytril, Cobalt Armor,
            Terraria Wins this one
            Minecraft 2 Terraria: 3

            Terraria: 119 weapons (including all colors of
            phaseblades and phasesaber, and all explosives)
            Minecraft: 19 (Including TNT, and Splash potions
            with negative effect.
            Terraria wins this one
            Minecraft 2 Terraria: 4

            Minecraft: 158 (including block 36)
            Terraria: 84 (including Walls)
            Minecraft Wins that one
            Minecraft: 3 Terraria: 4

            Minecraft: 65 (including all levels)
            Terraria: 83
            Terraria Wins This One
            Minecraft: 3 Terraria: 5

            Terraria: 47
            Minecraft: 29
            Terraria Wins This One
            Minecraft: 3 Terraria: 6

            Minecraft: 15
            Terraria: 12
            Minecraft: 4 Terraria: 6

            Terraria: 12 (including Old Man)
            Minecraft: 6
            Terraria Wins This One
            Minecraft: 4 Terraria: 7

            Minecraft: 4
            Terraria: 1
            Minecraft Wins That One
            Minecraft: 5 Terraria: 7

            Minecraft: 2
            Terraria: 8
            Terraria Wins This One
            Minecraft: 5 Terraria: 8

            Minecraft: 8
            Terraria: 10
            Terraria Wins This One

            Minecraft: 5 Terraria: 9

            difficulty Settings:
            Minecraft: 4
            Terraria: 3
            Minecraft Wins That One
            Minecraft: 6 Terraria: 9

            Terraria: 2
            Minecraft: 3
            Minecraft Wins That One
            Minecraft: 7 Terraria: 9

            Crafting Stations:
            Minecraft: 2
            Terraria: 16
            Terraria Wins That One
            Minecraft: 7 Terraria: 10

            electricity Items:
            Minecraft: 33 (Including Redstone Ore)
            Terraria: 11
            Minecraft Wins That One
            Minecraft: 8 Terraria: 10

            Music Tracks:
            Terraria: 13
            Minecraft: 24
            Minecraft Wins That One
            Minecraft: 9 Terraria: 10

            Possible Skins:
            Minecraft: 3233663840 (measured In Pixels) (10
            Terraria: 120169940 (9 digits)
            Minecraft Wins That One
            Minecraft 10 Terraria 10

            Tie Breaker

            Crafting Recipes:
            Terraria: 347
            Minecraft: 146
            Terraria Wins This One

            Finisher (too many people whining)

            Sold Copies:
            Terraria: 1.2 million
            Minecraft: 10 million

            Minecraft Wins this one


            Final Score
            Minecraft: 1w
            Terraria: 11

            This is a draw because there was to many whiners. but it is
            true that minecraft and terraria are both good
            games and not worth comparing. but it took me 2 hours
            to make this topic.


            Minecraft is Number #1 for building as it has the
            world size, the pets, the blocks, the plants and
            higher amount of electricity Items, Also it has
            higher possible skins.

            Terraria is an amazing for pixel art building you
            got so many different colours to work with.


            Terraria is number #1 for adventure. as you have
            more enchants, mobs, bosses, weapons, armor, npcs,
            biomes and tools.

            Minecraft is great for building adventure. It’s Got
            World size. Not so far off with armor and
            enchantments, it has some ores, Npcs can be modify
            to make them trade what ever you want!

            Minecraft’s Wins
            World Size
            Difficulty settings
            electricity Items
            Music Tracks
            Possible Skins
            Sold Copies

            Terraria’s Wins
            Armor fullset
            Crafting Stations
            Crafting repices

            Math Formulas

            Possible Skin
            Minecraft # of all Colors (2731135) times total
            skin pixels (32×37= 1184) Pixels x all colors =
            Minecraft possible Skins

            Terraria # of all Colors (2731135) Times total
            Charater customizables(44) Charater x all colors =
            Terraria possible Skins
            all colors
            Red Green Blue Can make all colors. max tint = 255.
            N! (n -r)!(r!) 255 3 = 2731135

            World Size Minecraft
            60000000 X 60000000 = 3600000000000000 x 256
            World Size Large Terraria 8400 x 2400

        • gameboy17 says:

          Oh and a spoof is a humorous parody.

        • gameboy17 says:

          Oh and u know what? Minecraft is still in beta. So technically ut hasnt comeout!!!

        • WildFirezz says:

          So your saying if Minecraft had a trained development team it would be better then Terraria? You can’t possibly say that to glorify Minecraft more then Terraria, because that is an “if” situation, therefore that is Notch’s fault he didn’t hire a team. And your implying that we haven’t actually compared the game? Most of the community of Terraria came from Minecraft, so you can’t call others idiots. And the fact that Minecraft came out earlier dose not make a difference, if you say it dose then using that context then ET is the best game ever. Also the fact that you called Terraria a spoof is rather insulting to me and others, Terraria in the basic IS Minecraft according to you “however I dislike it because it’s a spoof of minecraft in the basics.”Re-Logic simply expanded the theme of a dynamic world sandbox game. In fact Terraria was actually inspired by minecraft.

          “Yes, terraria DOES have different monsters and magic and bosses, but altogether it’s a ripoff.” How can your possibly defend this statement without any proof. All together monsters magic and bosses has a large potential of becoming a great game and if you think different then all games that have monsters magic and bosses are a complete “ripoff” of Minercraft. And RIPOFF?!?!, I think not, Minecraft cost 19.95 euros and Terraria cost only $9.99, and Steam often gives sales on Terraria ,completely deducting the price even by 50%.

          You also mentions that Terraria has “variations”. Do you meen the expanded variety of armor, the weapons, the monsters, the agricultural system, the NPCs, the combat, and the sense of OH i dont know …..PROGRESS?!, these are the bases of the game so if you remove this you will have a game that consists of you digging and mining stone for no purpose. So if your saying that these “variations” are ripoffs then frankly you have lost the ability to rationally think.

        • normal says:

          youre so desperate to prove terraria is better than minecraft

          • FagSlayer says:

            Cite me one comment where we said Terraria was better. It’s exactly the opposite, you are trying to glorify Minecraft over Terraria and stumbled upon this page most probably by typing “Terraria sucks”. Curl up and die, fanboy.

        • ghostpieguy says:

          Unfortunately for you although the BETA of Minecraft did come out before Terraria the final versions of both came out in 2012 with Terraria coming first. Not only this but Terraria started development first and had trailers long before minecraft. So if we really have to say one is a rip off of the other Minecraft would be the rip off of Terraria. Although in my opinion the games are different enough that neither are a rip off of the other. After all Minecraft is an infinite 3D game all about imagination, while Terraria is 2D and more about adventure. And they both have taken ideas off each other, Notch even made a statement talking about ideas he got off of Terraria, but b getting ideas off each other games can progress to make them better which is why both game can update to this day.

      • Xier says:

        Well only 2 bosses in minecraft though.

    6. Jafacha says:

      Terraria sucks!!! Just like Fortress craft!!! Not only does the game itself suck it’s also a ripoof of minecraft!!! May god put its creators in wrath!!!

      • gameboy17 says:

        First: dont you mean Notch?

        Second: it doesnt sound to me like you have even played the game.

        Third: if you had played you would realize how different terraria is. Mining building and crafting are theonly things in common.

        Fourth: Skeletron has awoken! Your argument is invalid.

    7. BadassGamer says:

      Oh, I forgot to mention, in minecraft you can make mods to your liking for free. and you can make retextured formats of the actual game, plus mionecraft is a young beta nonetheless. There’s TONS f updates left to be done, and terraria isn’t original. Yes, it has unique items, but who gives a shit? You can do all sorts of things in minecraft thanks to mods. creating different creatures items materials and so forth. I rest my case, so stop bitching about your weak ass game terraria.

      • gameboy17 says:

        It is perfectly possible to mod terraria. Just because youre too dumb to do it doesnt mean it cant be done.

      • WildFirezz says:

        Your saying Terraria isn’t original? Let me lay down a list of facts for you.
        1) Terraria is the 1st known game that has a 2d dynamic world.
        2) What other game lets your dig to the underworld and fight demons.(and i meen literally)
        3) What game has a system of progress through tiers of armor by accomplishing certain tasks? BOOM you guessed it Terraria.(Fyi digging and making a stronger pick with the stuff you gathered is not progress)
        4) Minecraft is very much like INFINIMINER
        5) Minecraft became the inspiration to Terraria so you would expect it to have similar concepts.
        6)Terraria also has TONS of updates left to be done, and has even released more content then Minecraft has.
        7)YOU stated that Terraria has unique weapons, but yet you said it wasn’t original.
        8)Weak descirbes Minecraft not Terraria, Terraria dose not suffer from bugs that decrease your FPS drastically.
        9)Bitching meens to complain, we are stating the pros that Terraria has.
        So i think you meen “stop bitching about the cons of your weak ass game terraria.”
        10)You haven’t mentioned a single direct content that Terraria has so i’m assuming that you only played the game for 5 min and got killed by a green slime and had a raging fit and quit because you think you wasted $9.99 for a game you simply gave up trying at, or haven’t even played the game at all.(and you tell us to compare the 2 games together, such a hypocrite).

        • momrocker says:

          1) cough Dwarf Fortress cough
          2) cough Motherload cough
          3) This makes no goddamn sense. You’re saying digging and getting materials to get stronger armor isn’t advancement, yet… that’s how you get new @!#£ in Terraria? You’re breaking down your own argument.
          4) Minecraft also has a very high production value and level of polish unmatched by most other games of its kind.
          5) If by “inspiration” you mean that Minecraft basically made popular an entire type of game that Terraria felt like stealing and adding bells and whistles to, then yes, it certainly was “inspired” by Minecraft.
          6) Both games release content equally quickly, plus you have to consider that in Terraria a piece of equipment is just a 2d sprite, whereas an object in Minecraft is a 3d model. Obviously, content for Minecraft takes a bit longer.
          7) Having weapons that have different names doesn’t get over the fact that the entire basis of the game is exactly the same as, and was done better in, Minecraft.
          8) The @!#£ you talking about, cracker? Just because your @!#£-@!#£ computer can’t run Minecraft’s graphics doesn’t mean mine can’t either.
          10) I’ve played the game for over 100 hours, gone through all content in all patches, and I can tell you your argument is just one big, smelly @!#£.

          Also, the latest patch sucks ass. The new lighting effects suck and the new content looks @!#£ as @!#£.

    8. . says:

      Terraria used to be a great game! with all the nerfing it sucks now. i wish i could play 1.0.4…

    9. evil2383 says:

      terraria does not rip off minecraft its like saying all new shooter games rip off call of duty
      they are the same type of game but not the same terraria is a 2D game that has npcs bosses magic the only thing close to minecraft is the blocks building ect but that’s becuz its a block game now we saw terrarias side lets see minecrafts hmmm no npcs,no bosses no magic the only thing is the fucking building so stop saying its like something when its not its just the same type of game….

    10. Gansta3842 says:

      Dum asses terraria copied minecraft to get money its a retarted game and all you do is kill stuff is annoying monsters eazily kill you it is retarted so people that play terraria get a life 🙂

    11. gameboy17 says:

      To everyone who thinks terraria ripped off minecraft:
      FUCK YOU
      Have you even played the game?
      The only things they have in common is mining building and crafting!
      Thats like saying Cave Story ripped off Metroid! Or that slime volleyball ripped off pong!
      I play both MC and terraria and find them equally awesome.
      So if you think terraria ripped off mc look at actual mc clones like total miner and fortresscraft and then look how different terraria is. And then go kill the guide as penance.

    12. gameboy17 says:

      I noticed in the pic the nurse lives in your bedroom… coincidence? Or…

    13. no_grinders says:

      Terraria sucks. It tries to be an MMORPG without any leveling. Instead of levels, you spend hours searching for ores to craft with.


      Multiplayer sucks with all the griefers around.

      • kev says:

        And that is why you make your own server to play with your friends. Same deal with Minecraft, bro.

      • WildFirezz says:

        Mmorpg is hardly what Re-Logic wants.
        and in minecraft you also spend hours searching for ores to craft with.
        And minecraft has griefers.
        and Terraria also has hosting tools to prevent griefers.

    14. Jey says:

      Terraria does suck minecraft is at 1.0 new mobs potions can eve change to thousands of diff textures if ur liking and even mods more animals and items more then terraria u can even build traps with red stone or whatever u want and animals can breed etc so much more [thumbs down!] terraria i can draw that game with my [an organ unique to males] if i wrapped it around a pencil

      [edits by Lament appear in square brackets]

      • kev says:

        Terraria has over 50 monsters, has potions before Minecraft, has wire to make indiana jones styled booby traps. And you can mod terraria, and even get texture packs like Minecraft. So what are you talking about?

      • WildFirezz says:

        You can draw terraria with a pencil with an organ around it.
        That is surpising because last I heard the community of minecraft didn’t care about textures or graphics, only gameplay.
        And your saying Terraria sucks because Minecraft has some things that Terraria dosen’t. Then Team Fortress 2 really sucks because you cant breed animals.
        And Terraria also has traps and a wiring system now so that part of your argument is invalid.
        And terraria also has texture changing mods.(and ones for creatures and mechanics)
        I just proved all your statements wrong.

    15. Bob says:

      Oh god. Why cannot people realise that both Terraria AND MC can be good games? Its not like both of them suck… Also, I am appalled by the immense amount of spelling errors in some posts. Like Here:
      “terraria does not rip off minecraft its like saying all new shooter games rip off call of duty
      they are the same type of game but not the same terraria is a 2D game that has npcs bosses magic the only thing close to minecraft is the blocks building ect but that’s becuz its a block game now we saw terrarias side lets see minecrafts hmmm no npcs,no bosses no magic the only thing is the fucking building so stop saying its like something when its not its just the same type of game’

      “And what does minecrat has and terraria doesnt,carts,and animals,nothing more,there is no uniqe items in minecraft,ther eis no corruptions,magic or anything like ti in minecraft..
      ther eis no any bosses in minecraft (Ghast is not a boss),the water and lava psyhics in minecraft are one hell of a mess….terraria isnt like minecraft,no,its 10000 times different,the only things that makes you think terraria is similiar to mine craft is,mining,crafting,random world generation,nothing else,nothing else..annd…oh yea,nothing else.Terraria has,dungeons,floating islands,over 50 monsters,underground jungles…meteorite falling,uniqe weapons and accesories..minecraft doesnt have that,no magic in minecraft,magic is in terraria,that is what i think,minecraft can only be better cuz it is 3 d,but dimension of graphics arent the point here so…/Bye.”

      “Dum asses terraria copied minecraft to get money its a retarted game and all you do is kill stuff is annoying monsters eazily kill you it is retarted so people that play terraria get a life ”

      Like really guys? Can you at least insult others without making it a pain to read?


    16. Sam says:

      Terraria and MC. I think it’s a WHOLE different game.

      Terraria -> grinding/hunting PRG side scroller action based.
      While MC-> Creative construction, 3d.

      For me, I’ve loving Terraria more, since I was a side scroller fans since megaman series (not X), and I love grinding based game (well something like monster hunter, when you need to supply ammo, heath potions, etc).

      The bad news of Terraria is: GRIEFERS!

      For me MC just… well… I keep asking in my mind:
      “Why I don’t study 3ds max or some other 3d program to build the desireable maps, instead build it on minecraft? Why?”

      But, hey! They have MODS! Maybe they can add some dragon slaying stuff. (with no bug, I hope)

      In the end, it just matter of tastes.
      If you like to slay dragons, hack and slash your opponent while building your base camp and traps. Go Terraria.
      If you don’t like slaying dragons, love to build and mess around with Mods. Go MC.

    17. killerrabbit says:

      How about you guys all shut your traps! I tried Terraria, I liked it, but didn’t like it as much as Minecraft. Both games are amazing! I don’t get what is wrong with either of them! Why is everyone on the internet so rude. I mean really, I hope you never have children.

    18. Stevoid says:

      I hate this game. Having to pass your IP out and open ports on your router just to play with someone else. First time iv’e ever had to do it with a game. Worth the money I guess but playing online is the worst experience with multiplayer Iv’e had in my life. Who ever programmed this thing needs to go back to studying.

      Horrible, buy only if discounted for 2 dollar or less.

    19. t'es con point com says:

      The terraria devs suck. I’ve heard multiple times that they only made terraria for some cash , that they delete negative comments and stuff like that.
      I know that certain people are gonna say things like “terraria devs FTW .<

      • FagSlayer says:

        Quel nom créatif. Ce n’est pas la faute aux créateurs de Terraria si ils sont un peu plus sérieux. Minecraft n’est en fait rien et n’a inspiré aucun jeu, tandis que Terraria en a inspiré plein: Edge of Space, Starbound…

    20. ZaniteKnuckles says:

      This game ripped off Minecraft so hard. It’s not the RPG game, it’s same as Minecraft because the only common sense is just digging, mining and other shit. I hope Re-Logic has played Minecraft. How can you say that it’s not a rip-off? Minecraft is made in 2009 and Terraria is made in 2011! I haven’t played Terraria because I don’t want it, it sucks, it’s a rip-off, it makes no sense, it gets no popularity, nobody worths buying it, it’s programmed horrible, it belongs to HELL.

    21. Mx says:

      Even though it isn’t, let’s say that Terraria is a 100% ripoff of Minecraft. If you took a step back and analyzed that statement with some rationality, you’d realize that it’s a good thing. If you enjoy MC, and Terraria stole ideas from MC, you should like Terraria as well. It’s like enjoying two different types of ice cream. They’re essentially the same thing, but unique and enjoyable in their own rights. What it boils down to is not whether the game is original or not, but whether it’s fun or not. You might legitimately dislike the game, but there’s no reason that you should dislike it simply because it borrows ideas from Minecraft.

    22. RuynTheWorld says:

      I don’t know, but I just can’t see the point of some people saying not to buy the game, I recently bought this game and I will admit, I love the game more than minecraft, but it’s more out of preference because of how the style of this sandbox game is. Minecraft I would have to say is a game based solely for being creative as it focuses more on building what you want in the game and of course the game does offer monsters and even bosses to take on so the game can stay joyfully appealing and playable for many hours, while Terraria is more of a game which consists of progression (which I’m not saying Minecraft doesn’t, it just doesn’t have as much as terrari does) which is first started as it would in minecraft, by digging ores or even gathering wood to make shelter, but it is only after when stuff starts to get interesting, where then you will already have already acquired ores such as gold, but you can go further by defeating bosses to gather more items that allows you to craft newer items, or even get items that are unique to just the boss itself, then further along the line you will then be able to challenge locations such as certain dungeons to gather new items which can only be entered first upon defeating a boss.

      I would go on but I feel that I could be a spoiler to some people here who have not played the game and that would wish to, but it shows that the game has a lot of content, and so does minecraft, just their content differs and the way the games both progress differ.

      In the end, both games are very enjoyable and would recommend both of them, I rest my case and I hope that people can please just enjoy the games how they are and not for what they are similar in and calling one a ripoff or the other a game without as much content.

    23. neoexdeath says:

      Guys stop this. Let’s do a comparation between terraria and minecraft:
      In minecraft you can create all sorts of things, thats why most people buy it NOT for adventure but for it’s creativity.
      In terraria you can explore much more and you can fight all sorts of monsters, bosses, etc. It also has alot of blocks but it’s mostly an adventure game, you buy it for mainly venturing in dungeons, caves etc.
      Per total terraria and minecraft are two almost COMPLETELY different games, the only things in common are crafting, blocks, and ores.

    24. Underboss says:

      Fanboys are hilarious. Minecraft fanboys, just shove Mojang’s dicks in your mouth already. Terraria fanboys, just shove Re-Logic’s dicks in your mouth already. Both games are good. Both games are heavily inspired by another. You are all retards because you fail to understand your own damn logic. By both arguments, the only good game in a genre is the very first one that came out because ALL GAMES ARE HEAVILY INSPIRED BY ANOTHER (Except the VERY first of their kind). Most just do not advertise it. Morons.

    25. Blackstar277 says:

      you know some stuff was tooken from ideas of terraria and put in minecraft and then people say i want this in minecraft from terraria. then people say it sucks even more terrarai is a great game

    26. Blackstar277 says:

      notch even helped make terraria and said some day there will be a popular blocky game that wont be minecraft

    27. Deathbywafflez says:

      I wish you would all shut the f**k up, Minecraft and Terraria simply took the the same core concept in two different directions. Its like the difference between Coke and Pepsi, sure some people claim that one is a rip-off of the other, and take vastly irrelevant and uninformed cheap shots, but have they gotten anywhere? No. People who like Pepsi drink Pepsi and people who like Coke drink Coke, and they don’t get in screaming matches when they see someone drinking the other, because they would all look like idiots.

    28. Tommy says:

      Of course the fan bases are at odds. One is a complete ripoff of the other.

      Say what you will about all the content this game has, the simple fact is that it would not exist if Minecraft hadn’t existed first.

      Mojang should get some kind of kickback.

      • DerpyBro says:

        Sure, the game was INSPIRED by Minecraft, and it might be similar, but it has MUCH more than Minecraft.
        Minecraft? Build stuff. Survive against 3-4 different mobs in the overworld, or go to the nether and survive there for some reason if ya want to. Kill a dragon. Mine for hours trying to get a fucking diamond.

        Terraria is MUCH more rushed. You jump into the game, there’s already enemies around you, and all you got is a weak sword with not much range. Chop some trees down. Make a basic house. Keep your guide there. Don’t get him killed. He’s your key to this world. Keep zombies out at night. After a while, it gets better.. Find the many different biomes. Attack a multitude of mobs, much more than Minecraft could ever have. Face many different bosses, upgrade your health, mana, and your resources. Build a town! Buy, sell, and trade with the villagers who come for a MUCH better price system than Minecraft! Attack hordes of pirates, goblins, slimes! Play with your friends! Face challenges together! Also, there’s STILL a mod system, and it works much better than Minecraft! Overall, Minecraft isn’t a game. It’s an experience, and that’s all it’ll be. Terraria, however, is so much more. It’s more than a game. It’s an adventure. And it’s like all other adventures. It starts out dull and boring, but turns out to be an amazing experience!

        So. I’m not saying Minecraft is bad, it’s actually quite a good game. However, Terraria out rights it in its own category. Minecraft did inspire the game, and it’s similar in all the basics. Get some wood, build a house, kill some mobs. Mine. But in the end, Terraria has so much more. So much more that doesn’t come close than anything simply inspired by Minecraft. Overall, they’re both amazing games. Minecraft is a build and survive game. It’s pretty basic, but has some hard parts to it too. Terraria is an RPG-ish, Survival and hunting game. It’s not made for building and mining entirely, and focuses much more on combat. Thus, although they are similar in basic aspects, in the end, they are so, so much different.

      • Stop hatin da facts says:

        Terraria started development first. Get your facts right and come back 🙂

    29. VargrexRegis says:

      You silly children, they’re ALL ripped off of motherload

    30. KILLERCAT101 says:

      Terraria sucks becouse i like 3d games and terraria ia a 2d game. terraria can only build 2d pixel art, but minecraft can build huuuuuuge 3d art. also, minecraft has special servers like minplex and terraria doesnt. i also think that terraria wouldnt be here if minecraft wasnt created. soooo ya, TERRARIA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant stand it. its like terraria is trying to copy minecraft but they changed it up just so they can get people to play it!!! you can also have custom skins, but terraria only lets you pick the hair style, color, the color of your skin, etc. minecraft has endless sandbox that lets you play around with your imagination. terraria has a limit. and , you dont need bait to fish in minecraft, but in terraria you do.


    31. jason says:

      can evryone shut up both terraria and minecraft or minecrap are both diffrent games all you need to do is just look at both wikis and see the stuff thats in terraria is insane

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