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  •   The End Of SpaceOreMiner

    31/01/11 - 22:11

    Na, only joking 🙂  Bet that got you worried 🙂

    With the installation of the Galactic News Network, I’m putting SpaceOreMiner to the side for a while.  I’m quite happy where it is, though actually just want to tweak the graphs a little on the stats page ( always more coming ! hehe ).  Though I am sure I will be returning to SpaceOreMiner in the near future, I am focusing my efforts on a different project.

    A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine, Inko, approached me with an idea of forming a small team and developing something together.  After much conversation back and forth, we roughed out an idea of a game we would both enjoy developing together.  I’ll be posting here, and on the blog we created for the new game : Project: CARDS.  More info and details will be coming soon.


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