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    21/11/10 - 16:43

    A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a guy called Eduardo Vaisman.  He told me he would like to add a soundscape to SpaceOreMiner.  Having a look at the stuff he has done ( and his imdb profile ),  I was pretty blown away with his stuff, and his level of experience.  We exchanged emails, and he explained how he would create the sounds, and I told him about the extended SpaceOreMiner universe and how I want it to feel.

    Yesterday, he sent me a link to an archive , which contained 8 files.  Opening them up, I listened to the shortest ones firsts.  A GUI beep, sounds like a beep.  Then the noise for refuel and returning ore.  Wow.  Then the upgrade pad.  Awesome wow.  He had captured exactly the sounds I had imaged.  Listening to the longer loops for background feeling pretty much blew my mind.  These sounds have exactly the sort of feeling I wanted – even down to the background hum of engines in your cabin.

    I’d always thought of soundscapes as a bit of a buzz word – with no real definition.  Now I have first hand experience of soundscapes applied to my own invented environment – I know that really isn’t the case.  It changes the entire feeling of the game.  Even adding the interface beeps when you click on a button has made a big difference, the interfaces seem so much more ‘solid’ now.  I really can’t wait to see what he produces for the other sounds 🙂

    For those who have played 2.6 – you might notice that there are still a lot of events that do not have sounds.  Hopefully over the following weeks, more and more of these events will have mega awesome sounds 🙂

    Oh, and in unrelated news : no new name found yet 🙁

    Eduardo Vaisman

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