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  •   Quick Stealth Patch + Wow :)

    8/11/10 - 19:27

    I had a couple of bug reports today mentioning a problem with Noxicite, folks were getting object not found when trying to pick it up – so I have released a quick patch to fix that, along with a quick change to the ores to let them ignore your mining laser ( all the new ores were happily blocking the mining laser, d’oh ).

    I am amazed the number of games played already – over fifty games played on day one, and that is ignoring the games I have played 🙂 Over 2000 ores mined – wow!  Amazingly, according to the stats screen, one of every ore has been mined.  I thought that would take a while longer 😉  Guess I’m going to have to introduce some new ores at some point.  Metal roids are being mined a lot more than the other types of roid, would be interested to know players pick that one … does it look pretty? is it the size/location in the GUI? are the spawns better?  Very keen to know 🙂

    Just in the spirit of keeping things nice and honest, the two accounts I use for testing the game have been marked on their profile pages as a Developer Account.  They might have strange numbers in them from time to time.  Also, the account I actually use to play the game is TheSilentOne.  So that’s the one to beat folks 🙂

    Been getting a lot of really good feedback, all is read and taken into account.  I think ( after Thursday ) one of the first issues I will be looking into the zoom out camera.  Its pretty dang ugly and buggy in places, though at least it is useful in the sence that it covers the entire roid now – but its a nightmare to actually use.  Also I have got quite a large change planned for the game over screen.  Oh, and when I get some time, really want to make the stats web pages more pretty – though the info is all there, white and black default font ickness is prolly a turn off for a lot of players 🙂  Please feel free to have a look at the stat pages and think if there any features or stats that you would find useful.  Let me know!


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