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  •   Balance and DB structure

    4/11/10 - 18:37

    I started cleaning up the backend data structure, primarily because what worked fine for 15 ores, doesn’t work as nicely for 30 ( and potentially more ) ores.  There is a new stat screen with the new ores, and been playing around with creating player profiles.  Would be pretty sweet to get that working as a webpage, as well allowing you to customise stuff on it from in game.

    With this database update there will be a change to the stats, and I will bold this – When version 2.0 is released, your score and ore mined will be in a new table, effectively nulling your account.  However, all the old data I will still be keeping and displaying, and once version 2.0 is out it will be read only – so if you want to make your mark on the SpaceOreMiner universe forever, then try and get a high score as possible now :).  A version 1.0 winners list will be announced, and your names etched somewhere permanent.  And hell, the top three players might get some unique prize added to their account 😉  Everyone who has participated in this round ( i.e. if they have a score above zero by release of version 2.0 ) will get a special mark on their account which indicates they participated in version 1.0, I like this feature as it rewards people who have helped me get the game to where it is.  Without people playing, getting in contact and providing feedback, then there would be no real game at the moment 🙂

    The other thing I have been doing is plugging numbers into a spread sheet to try and balance this initial release.   I want all roids to have the same total worth and all have the same number of spawns.  Pretty dang interesting tweaking numbers and seeing their overall effects on the game.  I don’t want to spend to long on this, because I am sure player behaviours will be very different from how I imagine, which will effect the balance.

    Interesting facts I’ve found out on version 1.13 :

    1. Though I only approximated the balance, all three roid types when mined fully have pretty smiliar profit amounts.
    2. The most profitable roid to mine is active roids – however the most popular type to mine ( by far ) are crystal roids.
    3. Dense yeanite is the only common ore which spawns on all three asteroid types ( heh, bug but a cool but of info! )
    4. Crystal roids have the highest average ore worth, active roids the worse.
    5. Talpanite can’t decide if it’s a metal or crystal ( though to be honest, I haven’t decided yet heh).
    6. The average roid when fully mined is worth 1,285,666.6667 solaris – spooky and evil!
    7. The most common ore in the universe is Dense Yeanite – even though only 430 tonnes have been mined, compared to 1745 tonnes of copper and 1208 of tyronic crystal.
    8. For some unknown reason – Kor is mined a lot more compared to averages for the other minerals.
    9. Looking at the worth of an ore and number spawned, it is most profitable to mine Dense Yeanite on metal roids, Omnicronite on crystal roids and platinium on active roids.
    10. Active roids are the least picked roid type – maybe the bright yellow model put people off? 🙂
    11. Diamond has the largest worth to model size than any other ore 🙂

    Well, I found it intresting 😛

    Now let me just repeat what I bolded above, just so everyone knows 🙂  When version 2.0 comes, your score and ores will be moved to different tables which will mean as far as the new stats are concerned, you have zero of everything.  However, I will not be wiping the current data – it will be archieved for bragging rights for years to come.  The top three players will get a special something for being at the top – All players who have a score above zero will also get a special something 🙂


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