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  •   She is such an ore …

    3/11/10 - 23:15

    Heh, I should patent my amusing blog titles 🙂  Failing that, today has been a loooong dev session.  Won’t write much as I need to go and give some hugs to my kitten ( he has just been fixed and is a bit confused as to why with a large cone on his head he can’t get through small gaps ).  However, if you haven’t guessed from the title – today’s dev time has been spent making ores.  One or two extra ores,  well maybe three or four more.  Maybe even five.  Hmmm, now I come to think about it, six extra ores.

    Well, actually, too be completely honest, I’ve doubled the number of named ores in the game 🙂

    So the version 2.0 release will have 30 different ores to mine 😀  should make going deeper than 1000M much more interesting 😉  They are currently spawning in the same area as copper on active roids ( just for debugging ) – which means two minutes of playing netted me almost 2 million solaris.  Hehe.  Don’t worry folks, I’ll spread them around a bit more 😉 ( oh and I didn’t let the score save 😛 )

    Also tweaked the mole movement a bit more, but thats boring compared to filling my lust for space ore! 🙂


    2 Responses to “She is such an ore …”

    1. Nic says:

      2million Solaris?! Why thats… OVER 9000!!!!!

      As you hinted in one of your comments, I suspect that you’ll have to wipe the stats and scoreboards a few times between now and the official release, especially during balancing and exploit fixing. Still, it’s always cool to have a ridiculous score 😛

      Also regarding the very slights pause/stutter every time a piece of dirt is mined, it’s still present on the current build. If I mine straight down my CPU usage on one core jumps from ~20% usage to ~80% usage. If only you had Unity Pro you could do some profiling 🙁 Still, performance isn’t and issue and I shouldn’t be a priority right now anyway.

      • lamentconfig says:

        Ah memes 🙂

        Thanks for the comment – stats and scoreboard wipes I’ve just mentioned in the latest blog entry. I want people to feel they have helped contribute, so between major version changes, I’ll archieve the stats and had out rewards 🙂 Hopefully get a nice little community going at some point. That way when people play they know there will be a record until 2012 ( when the world may or may not end – if it doesn’t end then, then there scores will live on for longer 🙂 ). I’ve finished balancing the ores across three of the asteroid types, now with all 30 ores on an asteroid ( if you mine everything out ) its worth about 10 million solaris. This seems like a good number ( maybe a little high ) for now, but until I get a release out and folks playing, I won’t know if this is to high or not. To put this into perspective – the current roids are worth about 1.2 million, and the highest score in a single game is about half of that. So will be intresting to see how this pans out 🙂

        And yes, the profiler would be so useful, but I have to bide my time before I can think of pro 🙂 Thanks for the greater detail of the issue, I haven’t performed any additional optimisation on version 2.0, but may look into that before release if I get some spare time.

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