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  •   A quick sneak peak at the improved models :)

    1/11/10 - 20:57

    Very keen to get thoughts and views on the models.  Vast improvement on what I had before methinks 🙂  Hopefully will get a release with the new graphics out this week.  There is a lot of tweaking that I need to do in game to make the models look their best 🙂  But alas, rl is hitting dev time quite hard at the moment  – but do not fear! your lust for asteroid mining with sparkly graphics will be fulfilled! 🙂


    5 Responses to “A quick sneak peak at the improved models :)”

    1. Nic says:

      Looks great, though could you please focus more the gameplay 😉

      I only just noticed you can buy stuff on top of the ore deposit point… sigh, now I feel like my score of 259,800 was a complete waste of time!

      • lamentconfig says:

        Hehe, I’ve put giant letters there 🙂 259k without buying anything is REALLY impressive, the upgrades are rather over powered at the moment … don’t see it as a waste of time 🙂

        And yes, there is a lot more gameplay coming … but it is nice to have people playing 🙂 And most players atleast like some eyecandy, so taking this time just to improve the graphics overall. Keep enjoying the game 🙂

    2. Noble Kale says:

      Hrmmm, looking forward to this.

      At the very least, the asteroids look much better lit, which was a bit of a problem in the previous build – very difficult to tell the edges that had already been cut by the laser 🙂

      • lamentconfig says:

        Yup, they look much more defined now, which is pretty sweet, playing around quite a bit with the current lighting set to make it look even more defined 🙂 Had a bit of a problem with the green light in the zoom out mode, so I have removed it – which means that you can really see all the edges in zoomed out mode 🙂 Debating downloading unity pro and seeing if realtime shadows will help with the distinction, or maybe I just need the mole to emit a light … much to think about 🙂

    3. […] feel free to play SpaceOreMiner 1.13 to release day, and then enjoy the upgrade of SpaceOreMiner 2.0   And if anyone wants to leave  a message to Guillver, I will make sure I pass them on […]

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