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    Roid view improved …

    2010 - 11.28

    No more looking like a giant collection of huge green pixels.  Now we have much smaller green pixels 🙂

    Roid view version 2


    PHP Heatmaps with unity :)

    2010 - 11.27

    First step was to get the data from the unity client to the database … now the fun can happen 🙂  The image below is basically the start of a more complicated heat map.  I basically go through the each row of the database, drawing each games image.  Once it is drawn it is copied to another image, with each drawn pixel containing an alpha transparency.

    Once they have all be drawn, I take this image and copy it to a larger image, rotate it and scale it up.  Still kinda ugly, but very much a step in the right direction.

    Version 1.0 Heatmap


    SpaceOreMiner 2.7 Patch Notes

    2010 - 11.24
    • Asteroid Mines are now stored on the server on game over – you can view the last five roid mines on the stats screen – feel free to check out yours, I will be linking them to accounts specifically soon, so you can check out your mines from your profile screen 🙂



    Current Progress : Is that a server side asteroid mine?

    2010 - 11.23

    Quite a bit of coding on the next evolution of the game, including something which I think is pretty dang cool – storing your mine on the server 🙂  Nothing except proof of concept yet, but here is a little teaser :

    Check out the link ( i.e. right click it 🙂 ) – yup it is a php file, pulling the data from the database and using gdlib to display it 🙂  This is the state of my current test mine.  Thought the green and black gave quite a nice retro feel to the image 🙂  Will be very intresting once it is in game to generate heatmaps – always loved the heatmaps in halo 3 seeing where and how people play levels.


    Sounds Good

    2010 - 11.21

    A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a guy called Eduardo Vaisman.  He told me he would like to add a soundscape to SpaceOreMiner.  Having a look at the stuff he has done ( and his imdb profile ),  I was pretty blown away with his stuff, and his level of experience.  We exchanged emails, and he explained how he would create the sounds, and I told him about the extended SpaceOreMiner universe and how I want it to feel.

    Yesterday, he sent me a link to an archive , which contained 8 files.  Opening them up, I listened to the shortest ones firsts.  A GUI beep, sounds like a beep.  Then the noise for refuel and returning ore.  Wow.  Then the upgrade pad.  Awesome wow.  He had captured exactly the sounds I had imaged.  Listening to the longer loops for background feeling pretty much blew my mind.  These sounds have exactly the sort of feeling I wanted – even down to the background hum of engines in your cabin.

    I’d always thought of soundscapes as a bit of a buzz word – with no real definition.  Now I have first hand experience of soundscapes applied to my own invented environment – I know that really isn’t the case.  It changes the entire feeling of the game.  Even adding the interface beeps when you click on a button has made a big difference, the interfaces seem so much more ‘solid’ now.  I really can’t wait to see what he produces for the other sounds 🙂

    For those who have played 2.6 – you might notice that there are still a lot of events that do not have sounds.  Hopefully over the following weeks, more and more of these events will have mega awesome sounds 🙂

    Oh, and in unrelated news : no new name found yet 🙁

    Eduardo Vaisman