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  •   My first emergency patch :)

    30/10/10 - 15:49

    Well, kinda atleast.  I’ve noticed a few games where being submitted multiple times by the client.  Hadn’t done anything much about it, had only one real incident – most of the times the multi submitted games only happened with guests who had zero of everything.  Now that people are actually playing instead of just letting it load and then quiting, it has become a bit of an issue.

    I went out for a quick a walk after starting to implement Mr. Shive’s awesome models, came back, and the top player was sitting on several gazzillion solaris.  Amazed at his skill, I just thought I would check the db, to see how he managed it.  Alas, the client had bugged out and submitted his last game about 15 times.  D’oh.  Trust a Redditor to break the system 🙂

    So to fix the issue asap, I traced the problem and released a new version of the game.  Hopefully it fixes it, if you do notice your games being submitted several times, please let me know.  I’ve just cleaned the database out of all duplicate games – bit dangerous to do as I don’t want to alienate anyone, but I would rather have a nice fair system, without my glitchy code 🙂

    I’ve noticed actually a lot of my games under the LamentConfig account had been duplicated a lot, after this purge my score has taken somewhat of a pounding – d’oh! 🙂


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