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  •   SpaceOreMiner 1.11 Patch Notes

    28/10/10 - 20:52
    • Changed the text of the about button to be slightly more descriptive (boring !)
    • Optimised some of the vein and cluster patterns (yawn!)
    • Added a 1 in 3 chance of a storagetank being spawns in the first 100M of rock ( hmmm storage tank? )
    • Created player cabins – only logged in users can access these, when you find an item, it will be displayed here ( jomg woot! )

    4 Responses to “SpaceOreMiner 1.11 Patch Notes”

    1. Nic says:

      A motherload inspired game eh? Looks neat, it took me a moment to realize what the controls were (why are the arrow keys even enabled?). The two most obvious things I would work on are: falling speed needs to be non-linear and the game chunks for a half a second every time you mine a block. I love the fact you don’t have to subscribe to play though! Otherwise keep up the great work!

      Will definitely keep track of this project 🙂

      • lamentconfig says:

        Thanks for the feedback 🙂 I hadn’t actually played motherload until I just read your comment 🙂 Damn, there goes some of my productivity for the day 🙂 The origional source of the inspiration was one called Miner VGA that I used to play on my Dad’s PC many moons again ( http://www.dosgamesonline.com/index/game/116/Miner_VGA.html – warning : similar mining type addictive gameplay! ).

        Arrow keys are enabled primarly so my gf can play, she isn’t a gamer and the WASD confuses her … I might just start making gf builds for her 🙂 Falling speed, I totally agree with, patch 1.10 had a slightly more realisitc falling and acceleration model, but was causing some problems, so had to pull it. On the todo list is a proper physical simulation as that would really make things sweeter.

        As for the mining, what are the specs for your pc? I’ve optimised the mining code quite a lot, but maybe it needs further work 🙂 Guest mode is already limited ( with the introduction of player cabins, which guests can’t access atm ) but I like to have it, because I myself hate signing up just to play a game 🙂

        Thanks very much for the feedback, always love it, helps to keep me nice and focused 🙂

        • Nic says:

          Hey Lament!

          I can see that Miner VGA inspired a lot more people than just yourself! Looks like a neat little game.

          The specs for my PC are Intel Q6600 (Quad), Radeon 4850 running on Vista. I can’t imagine that my hardware is the issue but I recommend you borrow someone’s netbook (crappies hardware I can think of) or laptop and try to optimize it for that.

          I’m looking forward to following the development progress of this game in particular seeing as I’ve been hoping to make a game inspired by motherload for quite some time now.

          BTW you’re doing a great job of updating your blog!

          • lamentconfig says:

            Hey there 🙂

            It is an amazing game 🙂 Remember fighting with my younger brother over who got to play on the PC to play it 🙂

            I run the game on a quite pants Asus laptop with integrated card, and though it is far from smooth, it is still pretty playable – do you get this issue with the latest build as well?

            Thanks I’m really glad you are enjoying reading about the blog, and watching the dev process. There is a lot more coming 🙂 Just getting there with many small steps, releasing as often as I can … updating the blog really helps me, I look back on the development so far, and get feedback, which is incredibly motivating and helpful 🙂 Thanks!

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