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  •   Introducing RODS

    19/10/10 - 19:14

    Welcome to another non-patch note blog entry 🙂 You will have seen the patch notes below, the latest edition of the game now features a funky way of returning the ore to the surface without you having to worry about all that business of flying back.

    Since the early days just after the release of my initial webplayer build, I’ve had requests for teleport systems – a way to get your ore back quickly so you can just focus on mining.  Now don’t get me wrong, teleporters are awesome.  But I have a problem with them for SpaceOreMiner – a teleporter doesn’t really fit into my vision of the world the game is set into.  High tech zapping and beaming from one location to the other just didn’t fit for me.  If the likes of Doom and Quake have taught us anything – it is that we shouldn’t mess with teleporters :).

    So  I approached the problem of ‘How do I get my ore back to the Limar with a minimum of fuss ?’ from a different angle.  Load all your precious cargo into a freaking huge rocket, and let it take them back to the surface.  Creating a shaft as it goes I think its a pretty neat solution.  And zooming out to watch its progress is pretty funky.  Another, quite major benefit I have found while testing, is that not only does it provide you with a direct path back to the surface – it also sometimes reveals ore you have missed in your quest for the depths.

    Some might find it a bit expensive ( at 18000 solaris ), but I think its priced quite nicely.  By the time you are deep enough to be mining Lavatile Crystal and Dense Yeanite – a rocket full of ore will more than pay for itself.  And once your mole is fully upgraded, its nice not to have to return to the Limar every few minutes just to drop off ore.  Hmm, maybe it is priced to cheaply if I think about it like that 🙂  Oh well I’m sure folks will let me know what they think.

    It’s pretty simple to use, just buy one ( or more ) from the Limar, and hit z when you went to send all your juicy ore to the surface.  Watch it launch, then hold e to zoom out and watch its progress on the map 🙂

    Well that’s it for now folks, once again, always very good to hear feedback on this.  Feel free to comment here, or wherever you saw about this post 🙂

    You can play the game here : http://www.greenslimegames.com/games/spaceoreminer/


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