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    11/10/10 - 23:08

    Looking at the stats the I am collecting for SpaceOreMiner is quite intresting.  Over 100 games played 🙂  More than I thought I would be getting 🙂

    Now the big thing I have noticed is that the majority of people play three games.  And in no game do they make any money.  They just dig deeper and deeper down collecting ore, and then just run out of fuel.  I’m going to release a new version of the game tonight which starts you with more fuel.  I will also added some not very subtle text links on the ore reclaim point and the upgrade pad.  To help people reach the first engine upgrade ( which I think is pretty important ) I will increase the value of the starting three ores.  Thinking I may add a couple of starter tunnels as well.

    So please feel free to give me feedback.  Hopefully this update will de-mystify the game somewhat.  I guess it has always made sense to me because I wrote the thing 🙂  I will be a very happy person if I see less scores of 0, and more score in the thousands 🙂 Or hundreds of thousands 🙂 Or BILLLIIOOONNS! 🙂


    4 Responses to “Getting feedback …”

    1. Greg Dunn says:

      I played for a bit, took me a few minutes to figure it out, but got some engine upgrades…. the laser upgrades didn’t seem to work, though, unless I’m doing something terribly wrong and unaware of it. I tried both the 6k and the 10k laser upgrades but both were acting very odd. You may want to take a look at that — they didn’t cut through anything.

      I do like the game, except for the broken mining equipment part 🙂

      • lamentconfig says:

        Thanks for playing! And thanks even more for the feedback 🙂 All the laser upgrades simply adjust the max value of the laser, Will totally have a look and see if I ca n trace that bug. Hmm, did you get a drop in FPS when buying them? if so I think I might know what the problem is 🙂

        Oh and I am *VERY* glad you enjoyed playing! 🙂

    2. Greg Dunn says:

      Okay — played the latest version… No, I didn’t seem to get a big drop in FPS, but I think I figured out at least where you should start looking. The last time I played, I had the issue when upgrading the engine as well, but then I figured out that the problem seems to be related to being out of laser fuel when you upgrade. It’s not following the mouse anymore and it’s not showing the green cutting glow at the end, but as long as I refueled and cut some before upgrading, it seemed to work (though the last weapon upgrade I did broke it). I think it’s resetting the fuel without re-enabling the laser fully/properly or something like that. Anyway, hope that helps you track it down.

      I might also suggest that you track the total score throughout the game rather than just the score at the end of the game — I had almost 40,000 points until I upgraded, and then I had 3750, which is what my last game was tagged at on the scoreboard.

      Keep it up! It’s great work, especially for a 19 hour game. 🙂

      • lamentconfig says:

        Thanks for the uber specific feedback! I think I know the problem, and will have a fix up tonight. As for the points thing, I agree its annoying – I wanted the ‘points’ to actual reflect a currency, part of my big picture 🙂 But it is increadibly frustrating to see that go down. I will add the money spent on upgrades to your final score at the end, which should be sweet for now 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion!

        And been a bit more than 19 hours now 🙂 Prolly around 23 I think 🙂 Should really change the bit on the about as its no longer just been 19 hours.

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