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  •   Unity and crossdomain.xml policy file

    8/10/10 - 22:18

    Hmmm, might have found the source of the random game drop. Sometimes the unity player complains about ‘rejected – no crossdomain.xml policy file was found’. After a bit of googling ( and only just noticing this myself, no idea whats triggered it, it was fine during my testing ) I found the following :


    Basically, in order to get things working nicely, you need to have a file called crossdomain.xml in the root directory of your server.

    This file needs to contain the following :

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <allow-access-from domain="*"/>

    Hopefully this will help someone out there 🙂


    4 Responses to “Unity and crossdomain.xml policy file”

    1. Dkoby says:

      Thank you! This fixed my problem!!

    2. Lakshmi says:

      Thanks a lot. It solved my problem.

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