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  •   Hour 18 – Improved Inventory Screen + MegaBooster

    2/10/10 - 17:06

    Bonus features 🙂 The hour flew past even faster than the previous ones have. Added a rocket booster to the bottom of the Mole, which only fires when you are moving up. Looks quite sweet – I simply changed some of the variables in the standard ‘Small Fire’ Particles prefab.  Looks pretty damn cool, loving leaving huge trails of fire everywhere 😀

    I also improved the inventory.  When you press and hold Q you get a view inside your Mole and can actually see what ore is in the inventory.  It basically identical code to the zoom out view, just with different lights and camera.  I think it looks pretty cool 🙂

    Had a quick scout around for music and sound effects, but couldn’t find anything I liked – so I will be leaving sounds till after the final 19.

    YouTube vid to come 🙂


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