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  •   Hour 17 – Menu Screens!

    2/10/10 - 13:21

    I started with this little picture for this first hour :

    Awesome Flowchart of epic coolness

    Flow of SpaceOreMiner

    As you can see, there are some awesome hand-drawn renders of the menu layout, showing what I wanted from each screen.  In unity, I created three extra scenes, one for each screen, and started hacking away at it.  Surprisingly, the coding time took next to zero – loading a scene is a single command, creating a menu item is also just a one line command.  Now with these menu items, and a game over screen, I pretty much have a complete game!  This build contains all my features from my must have list to qualify as a game.  Its a pretty damn cool feeling.  And now I have 2 extra hours to fine tune/tweak/add minor features.

    If in doubt, add a meme

    Everything went better than expected

    Now looking at my imaginary list of things to do, there are a few things I really want to add in the next two hours :

    Music/sound – if I can find any quickly that I can legally use of course 🙂

    Booster effect on the mole ( sound be simple )

    Depth counter ( really simple )

    Inventory screen ( could be tricky )

    YouTube :


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