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  •   Hour 8 : Melting the ground around my laser

    26/09/10 - 18:42

    Just finished a fundamental game mechanic – the mining laser now melts the ground where it hits.  Pretty sweet.  This was where I wanted to get to within this latest batch of five hours.  So quite happy 🙂 everything now is bonus time! 🙂 Will be working on spawning my ores around me now 🙂

    Note : Hour 7 YouTube video seems to be stuck processing.  It uploaded, but instead of the pseudo-realtime preview it normally gives, nothing happened.  Have a green bar saying : ‘Your file has been uploaded. We are now processing the video…’ so no idea when it will turn up, or even if I can upload anymore tonight.  I’ve still got all the original video files, so if hour 7 is causing a problem, I will just re-upload it later.


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